Summer Style

Happy 4th, friends! This week I am escaping the suppressing desert heat and am heading to Scandinavia for two weeks with my family. I can’t wait to wear a jacket in Iceland, where it will be in the 40s and 50s! (YESSSSS!!!)


We haven’t done a style post around here for a while, so I thought I’d share some of my favorite latest finds! These are my best, most-asked-about purchases and I hope you find something to love as much as I do!


1. Chambray Jumper – I am a chambray junkie. Most days, you’ll find me in a Canadian tuxedo, or a chambray shift dress. This jumpsuit is SUPER flattering and has the sweetest button details on the front and back. I get compliments every time I wear it!

2. Straw Bag – I’m sure you’ve notice the circle purse trend and this one is a great size and it’s affordable enough to feel fine about carrying it only in the warmer months. I have the black one and I love that it’s a little more understated, but still playful.

3. T-shirt Ruffle Top – YOU NEED THIS TOP!!! It is lightweight but not sheer and super, insanely flattering. If you don’t believe me, read the reviews!

4. I haven’t worn this sweatshirt yet (bc 115 degrees!) but I bought it for our trip and I can’t wait to layer it with my favorite chambray shirt (see below) and my military jacket.

5. and  6. – I love New Balance vintage style tennies, but this 220 style is sooooo much better than the other pairs I’ve bought over the years. It’s a slimmer and somehow more comfortable fit. My feet don’t look clunky in these and they comfortable and cute enough to wear to long install days (or long museum days! yay!).

 7. – The cuuuuutest summer hat to wear with a simple black swim suit! (I included a few of my favorite affordable suits below!)

 8. – I love linen dresses in the summer! This one gets a lot of compliments. I put a few stitches in to bring up the neckline a little and it was a super easy at-home alteration to make this beautiful dress work better for me.

9Cropped wideleg pants and jeans are pretty universally flattering – I think even on shorter people, though especially on taller girls like me (I’m 5’7″). These were very likely inspired by the $400 Jessica Kamm pants everyone in the world is obsessed with. I love the black, but also really love the blue, white and the yellow!

 10. I have these sandals in every color and they have been sold out for a while now, but they’re getting restocked this week and Madewell is taking pre-orders! I love these so much, I’m thinking of buying replacement pairs for next summer.

11. I’ve been trying to wear hats more when I’m outside because I’ve been getting some pretty bad sun spots on my face the past few years. My dermatologist did a laser treatment on my face last year (or was it two years ago?) and it worked great, but they’re getting dark again this summer and I’m trying to avoid them getting worse. Cute hats like the straw one above and this simple and perfect ball cap have been lifesavers!

12. I got a million messages about this pink striped top when I wore it for the photo up top! It’s light and breezy and has the perfect sleeve length! I bought one in pink and one in blue stripe! LOVE!

13. I love wearing dresses in the summer! This black eyelet dress is summer perfection, especially with my simple Madewell sandals above!

14. This is my favorite chambray shirt! The double pocket versions are not so flattering on me, but the single pocket is just right!  This top looks great tucked in with skirts, and white, black or darker denim.

15 . This black and white check top is the perfect summer weight! It’s super thin so it doesn’t feel hot and the sleeves roll up perfectly! I have it in the blue and red plaid too and I’ll probably wear it for our 4th of July celebration with white cutoffs.

16These are the earrings I have been wearing practically non-stop for the last two or three months. I’m obsessed with the color, weight and simplicity of the brass hoop design. They are my favorite.


Yellow Swimsuit   //   Stripe Swimsuit   //  Blue Ruffle Swimsuit   //   Black Swimsuit

I hit the JACKPOT when I discovered this crazy affordable swim suit retailer! I love that they post reviews, so I can get the real scoop on how regular people (not models) look and feel in these $20-30 suits. These are the ones I have and love and they together cost less than the single suit I had been eyeing at Nordstrom. Score!

SummerBeauty copy

1. Rosehip Oil – A lot of beauty and lifestyle bloggers have been singing the praises of Rosehip Oil lately, so I gave this large $15 bottle a try. I’ve been using it for about two months now and I think my skin has never looked better (and I’m only about a third of the way through the bottle – what a great value!).

Here’s my nightly routine – After I wash off my makeup, I exfoliate with a scrub by ZO I got at my dermatologist (though I really like this one too, and it’s much more affordable), then I apply the $20 Retinol serum I listed here below and once the serum has soaked in, I slather this Rosehip oil all over my face. I finish up with a small amount of the eye cream below and a healthy swipe of everyone’s favorite grapefruit lip mask! And that’s it. Only takes me about three minutes, but has made the hugest difference. The Rosehip oil has antibacterial properties, so I’ve noticed I’ve had almost no break outs this summer, which is usually when my combination skin struggles! Between the Rosehip oil and my new favorite highlighter, I feel like my skin is looking younger and dewier than it has in years.

2. Brow Plumper – I had my eyebrows microbladed two years ago and its pretty much worn off by now. I discovered this super inexpensive tinted brow gel at CVS a few months ago when I noticed my brows were starting to fade and I’ve been hooked ever since – so much so that I don’t think I’ll go back for another round of microblading. (PS I splurged on Glossier’s Boy Brow a while back – and this one is SO much better and cheaper!)

3. Eye Cream – We’re all about high-low mixing here at Juniper, because we know some products are absolutely worth their weight in gold. I bought this $60 cream after Kayti raved about it in her stories, and I’m a converted believer now too! Yes, it’s pricey, and yes, the jar is on the small side, but I’m pretty sure this little jar will last me a year, if not more. The tiiiiiiiniest little swipe of your finger goes so far with this amazing, buttery smooth product! Every day I feel like my tired eyes are looking less tired! And my eye makeup is not creasing in the same way it used to after a long day, which feels like the true test, right?

4. Retinol Serum – See #1 above for my nightly face wash routine! This $20 product rivals the waaaaaaay more expensive Retinol creams I’ve bought at my derm.


Santal Candle – Every single candle in this collection (that’s all on clearance right now!) smells divine! I’m stocking up for the studio and to have on hand for quick hostess gifts!

“The Keto Reset Diet” Book – Ahhhh, Keto. SO MUCH TO SAY HERE. I think I may need to do an entire blog post about my experience with Keto. The short version is I did Keto earlier this year and lost 15 pounds in four weeks. I went on spring break and off Keto and have been able to keep the weight off since, all while eating normal. The honest truth is I have tried almost every diet on the planet the last ten years, trying to drop the 25 pounds that creeped up on me while having my babies. I’m getting ready to start another month round to hopefully lose those last 10 pounds. I read this book before starting my first Keto journey and I can’t recommend it enough if you and your doctor feel like Keto might be a good fit for you. (Also these ketosis test strips helped me stay on track!). Have you tried the Keto diet? Would you like to see a more in-depth post from me about my experience and tips?

Camera Strap – This is a pretty random board in our round up here, isn’t it? :) We’re swinging wildly from Keto to camera straps, but I got this $12 strap on Amazon and I LOVE IT! I couldn’t not share in case you’ve been going strapless like I have for years.

Ray Ban Aviators – These are the sunnies that all of you message me about when I wear them in my stories! They are the perfect update to classic Rayban Aviators. Sort of like if Aviators and Wayfarers had a baby? They’re my favorite, for sure.


Easy DIY: Acrylic Bench Upholstery


I love simple upholstery projects for updating less-than-exciting furniture pieces. We picked up this cute little bench recently and the gray poly microsuede upholstery was not doing the cool acrylic legs justice!

Screen Shot 2018-06-18 at 2.19.15 PM


You can use all sorts of fabrics to recover this bench beyond regular fabric, like flat weave rugs from IKEA or Target or vintage textiles from Etsy. A thick throw blanket would be really cool too. I had this mudcloth patterned shower curtain from Target around the studio and at $20 (on sale right now for only $13.99!!), it was a super inexpensive option for reupholstering this bench!


Whenever I’m doing an upholstery project, I always start my staples in the center. Staple one whole side of the bench, leaving a few inches on the ends.


Pull the fabric tight in the opposite direction and staple the other side of the bench, also starting in the center and working out again.


Once you’ve stapled both of the long sides, staple the short sides, also starting from the center and leaving the corners undone.


Corners can seem like the tricky part of a DIY upholstery project, and if you just bunch the fabric up and throw a ton of staples in the corners, everyone will know it was a DIY project! The trick is all in the fold! Start by pulling back the fabricand putting one staple right on the corner edge.


Then pinch the loose fabric into a tidy fold that will lay as close to corner as possible.


Do one side, staple it and fold and repeat on the other side. It should look like this when you’re finished. There shouldn’t be a ton of extra fabric and everything should lay perfectly flat with the folds!


Once all of your fabric is stapled into place, trim away the extra fabric and leave only 1/4-1/2″ so nothing hangs down.


Use a pair of sharp scissors to poke holes in the fabric and screw in the acrylic legs.



If you’re feeling like an overachiever, you can glue black ribbon on the underside of the bench to cover the staples.


Ta-dah! I love the pattern on this cute shower curtain and think it’s really cute with these acrylic legs!


And how cute is our newest print SURFBOARDS? We added it to the shop today and I love it!





Here are all the links to the products we featured here! We also added a few links to some vintage fabrics that would work really well on this project. I hope you love this project as much as we do. Tag us on Instagram if you try this project yourself!


wall color – Behr “In the Moment”  //  faux tree  //  SURFBOARD print  //  mudcloth shower curtain 

acrylic bench  //  DO LESS print  //  buffalo check rug  //  striped kilim pillow  //  blue & white pillow

fabri-fix glue  //  staple gun  //  kilim lumbar pillow 


1  //  2  //  3  //  4  //  5  //  6

GET THE LOOK: Jenna Lyon’s Soho Loft

GET THE LOOK- Jenna Lyon's Soho Loft7


GET THE LOOK- Jenna Lyon's Soho Loft9


The last few years, I been taking a break from using lots of saturated color in my rooms, but lately I feel the color pendulum swinging back for me. I find myself craving colorful walls and furniture and Jenna Lyons’ beautiful new apartment has me smiling and nodding. It’s soooo gooood…

GET THE LOOK- Jenna Lyon's Soho Loft1


GET THE LOOK- Jenna Lyon's Soho Loft8


GET THE LOOK- Jenna Lyon's Soho Loft11


What do you guys think about this kitchen? I think it’s perfect for a city loft apartment that is open to the living spaces, but might not be what I would pick for myself. It is absolutely STUNNING though! And that Italian chandelier is insane!

GET THE LOOK- Jenna Lyon's Soho Loft10


I love the thoughtful, quirky moments. Everything is so artfully done.

GET THE LOOK- Jenna Lyon's Soho Loft6


Her master bathroom is my all-time favorite though. The sea of marble is perfection! And the way her oak-paneled bedroom opens up to the bathroom view slays me.

GET THE LOOK- Jenna Lyon's Soho Loft2


GET THE LOOK- Jenna Lyon's Soho Loft3


GET THE LOOK- Jenna Lyon's Soho Loft4


GET THE LOOK- Jenna Lyon's Soho Loft5


Jenna Lyons is undoubtedly the queen of color! I’m so inspired. We rounded up some of our favorite Jenna-esque pieces here below! Are you craving color again like we are?


1  //  2  //  3  //  4  //  5  //  6  //  7  //  8  //  9  //  10

11  //  12  //  13  //  14  //  15  //  16  //  17  //  18  //  19


20  //  21  //  22  //  23  //  24  //  25  //  26  //  27  //  28  //  29

30  //  31  //  32  //  33  //  34  //  35  //  36  //  37  //  38

Plug-In vs Hard-Wired Wall Sconces


I LOOOVVVVVVEEEE a good wall sconce! They make every space look more designed, more expensive and more layered. The great news is you can find a ton of great plug-in options these days that eliminate the need to even hire an electrician. I love this for renters! Super easy to pack up and bring with you to the next house. (In fact this was something I learned when we staged the Gentry project – any light fixture or window treatment that is installed in the walls is sold as a part of the house! – all of the hardwired lights and the window treatments were thrown in, which I hadn’t really planned for, ouch!)


orb wall sconce  //  fiddle leaf fig tree  //  white basket  //  black shell chair

desk (painted “In the Moment” by Behr)  //  rug

OLIVIA print

But the plug-in sconces are easy to take down and pack up! I love love love these black two-arm sconces from our recent guest room makeover!


two arm wall sconce  //  nightstand  //  bed  

BIG SUR print

Sometimes it is definitely worth the extra cost and effort to hardwire install sconces, especially for a kitchen space. These sconces from Lucent with their flat back plates are COMPLETELY worth it!

Studio Kitchen Reveal-42

brass wall sconce  //  rug, vintage – similar  //  ASPENS print

Sometimes I think the cotton-wrapped cords are actually really pretty and can be a fun element of the lighting!


wall sconces  //  rug  //  bed



two arm wall sconces  //  bed  //  rug  //  pom pom throw – similar


In my daughter’s bedroom, we wrapped the cords with yarn as a simple DIY project and I love the touch of color it added!

IMG_0527 copy

eyeball sconce  //  buffalo check throw blanket


IMG_6284 copy

wall sconces, similar  //  throw blanket  //  pillow


wall sconces  //  rug  //  bed

Here’s a monster round up of all my favorite wall sconces available right now! Do you prefer a table lamp or wall sconces on your bedside? I love that sconces are such a space saver! More room for my mountains of books and magazines that I keep on my nightstand! :)

sconce #1

1  //  2  //  3  //  4  //  5  //  6  //  7  //  8

9  //  10  //  11  //  12  //  13  //  14  //  15  //  16

17  //  18  //  19  //  20  //  21  //  22  //  23  //  24

sconce #2

25  //  26  //  27  //  28  //  29  //  30  //  31  //  32

33  //  34  //  35  //  36  //  37  //  38  //  39  //  40

41  //  42  //  43  //  44  //  45  //  46  //  47  //  48