Bringing Fall Colors to Juniper Studio

We have a living room set up at Juniper Studio, where we like to sit for longer brainstorming meetings about the Print Shop or calendaring for blog content. We’re constantly changing this space with the seasons and trying out new products that brands have sent to us or that we’ve bought to test before sharing with you all. Rejuvenation sent us a couple of beautiful pieces to cozy up our sitting area for fall and I’m absolutely OBSESSED with these new additions.

5I5A8617 copy

We went a little darker and warmer and a lot cozier – perfect for the cooler temps!

5I5A8693 copy

5I5A8642 copy

rug  //  table lamp

The star of the show here is absolutely the gorgeous Rejuvenation rug! I love that it has the color and styling of a vintage rug, but it is plush, clean and a standard size of a new rug! The best of both worlds! We saved a little money here by ordering down a size (this is the 6×9′) and layering on a flat natural rug.

5I5A8622 copy

striped pillow  //  blue pillow  //  rug

5I5A8634 copy

Isn’t that warm coral color perfection with our black walls?! I also love how Rejuvenation pieces pair so well with vintage furniture like my midcentury modern Plycraft chair and the coffee table (which was a marriage of an antique tiger oak coffee table and a vintage white marble remnant).

5I5A8660 copy

5I5A8657 copy

JUNE print  //  striped basket  //  throw blanket  //  wood console

5I5A8626 copy

GARDEN ROSES print  //  HILLS II print

The pillows are a mix of new from Rejuvenation and vintage finds. You all know I love me a good lumbar pillow and this rust stripe is GORGEOUS, especially paired with the luxe blue velvet pillow!

5I5A8621 copy

The colors are so pretty with one of our new prints HILLS II from Lynne Millar.

5I5A8713 copy

I also love the pop of gold warmth from the inside of the lamp shade!

5I5A8630 copy

5I5A8653 copy

5I5A8670 copy

Here are a couple more photos of this pretty space we all love to hang out in here at Juniper! I’ll link to all the sources here and I’ll include a few more favorites from Rejuvenation. There’s so much to love on that site!

5I5A8673 copy

striped basket  //  throw blanket  //  wood console  //  striped pillow  //  blue pillow

5I5A8715 copy

5I5A8717 copy

striped basket  //  throw blanket  //  wood console  //  striped pillow  //  blue pillow

5I5A8723 copy

5I5A8676 copy


pink rug  //  caned chair  //  brass knobs  //  rust pillow  //  striped lumbar

mirror  //  wood side table  //  blue glass vase  //  wall sconce

striped pot  //  wood bench  //  pendant light  //  white frame 

wood wall hook  //  striped rug

This post is sponsored by Rejuvenation.

Green Bedroom Reveal

5I5A0282 copy
Today we are sharing all of the sources for the bedroom reveal we posted last week!!
5I5A0728 copy
rug  //  bed frame  //  sconces  //  fiddle leaf fig
If you remember, we are temporarily moving into our playroom during our home renovation. We didn’t want to spend a ton of money buying everything new, so we reused most of the furniture from our guest bedroom. Isn’t it crazy the same furniture and rug looks SO different next to the new paint color?! Painting your walls is such an easy way to give new life to your old things!
5I5A0545 copy
lamp  //  lamp shade  //  fur stool  //  curtains
5I5A0622 copy
bed frame  //  rust throw  //  wall sconces  //  nightstand  //  white quilt
5I5A0278 copy
5I5A0443 copy
5I5A0303 copy
5I5A0433 copy
speckled vase  //  nightstand  //  pink tray  //  crystal
5I5A0390 copy
POWELL print  //  rust throw  //  striped duvet  //  rug  //  sconces
5I5A0308 copy
5I5A0415 copy
5I5A0389 copy
 5I5A0596 copy
5I5A0737 copy
5I5A0708 copy
5I5A0367 copy

How to Paint a Bedroom in One Hour

This post is sponsored by Lowes.
5I5A0282 copy
I was shocked at the number of ecstatic messages I got this week when I announced on stories that Lowes invited me to makeover a bedroom, and challenged me to use any color BUT WHITE! I had a feeling you guys would be excited to see color on walls for a change, because I feel the same way! As much as I love using and seeing photos of white walls, I’ve been feeling the itch to bring back color in my home. Today I’ll be sharing my best tips for picking the right paint and paint color for your space and my super fast and efficient technique for getting a room painted!
5I5A0728 copy
5I5A0545 copy
If you’re a little unsure how or where to incorporate a dark or saturated paint color in your home, bedrooms are a great place to start! Michael and I will be using our former play room as our bedroom during the renovation and after that we’ll be using it as a guest room, so I was excited to give this space a brand new, more grown up look. We had some serious water damage on the ceiling that ruined the wallpaper a couple of months ago so it was time for a change in here anyway!
TIP #1: Pick your paint samples with your existing decor and flooring in mind! I always like to start any decorating project by finding the right rug first. That’s the hard and expensive part! Finding the perfect paint color to work with your rug is the fun and easy part!
My plan was to reuse the furniture we already had in our former guest room and other spaces in our house. Here’s what our guest room furniture looked like before in another part of the house. Isn’t it crazy the same furniture and rug looks SO different next to the new paint color! Painting your walls is such an easy way to give new life to your old things!
I went to Lowes with a general sense of what I was looking for and grabbed a bunch of paint chips in the dark greens and blues family, referencing photos of my rug in my phone while I was pulling. When I got home I laid out my paint chips and narrowed the selection down to four favorite colors. We live close to a Lowes so it was easy for me to swing back in and grab my sample pots, but did you know it’s SUPER easy and inexpensive to order paint samples online? I love that Lowes offers this option!
TIP #2: Take the time to put up actual paint samples on your actual walls. Every room shows color in different ways depending on your lighting, which mostly has to do with window size and placement. It’s so important to see the colors you like in your space at different times of day, including with the lights on at night!
Colors going clockwise from the top left (all Valspar from Lowes):  Thalo Night  //  Coastal Dusk  //  Cafe Blue  //  Ocean Storm
I really loved the bottom left color on the paint chip (Cafe Blue by Valspar) but as soon as all of my samples were up on the wall, the top right color, Coastal Dusk, immediately popped out as the winner! It was the perfect shade of muddy green gray that really helped to tone down our orangey floors.
TIP #3: Pay the extra couple of dollars for the Premium paint line! You’ll probably only need to put on one coat this way and you’ll end up saving tons of time and money! I only needed one gallon of Coral Dusk in Valspar’s Signature paint in Eggshell for this bedroom.
Here are the other supplies I like to pick up before starting a painting project. I’m a minimalist when it comes to painting and like to keep it to the best basics!
Favorite painting supplies list:
Blue microfiber cloths – I LOVE these for all types of cleaning as well as my paint projects!
6×9′ dropcloth – I don’t usually drip or spill when I paint (years of practice under my belt!) so I often go without a drop cloth! But this is the one I use and really like when I do!
TIP #4: I touched up my trim with semi-gloss white paint first before painting my walls. Then I have found the quickest approach is to start with rolling before brushing on/cutting in. The very best trick I can share with you is a little something I like to call the 3×3 foot rule: every dip of the roller will cover 9 or 10 square feet (or about a 3×3′ square) with great coverage and no drips. If you work in slightly overlapping squares, taking your roller close to your trim, you’ll be done rolling quickly and will only need one coat! This is especially true if you buy a premium paint, like the Valspar Signature line with a built in primer. This paint rolls on like butter!
TIP #5: After rolling, use a 2″ angled brush (this one’s my favorite) to cut in your edges next to your ceiling and trim. This specific brush is magical and makes painting straight lines so easy! I haven’t used painters tape for years once I started using these brushes and my wonderful blue microfiber cloths as insurance in case of drips or splatters.
It only takes me about 45 minutes to paint a bedroom with this method! It’s a BREEZE! And since paint is so affordable, I am not at all intimidated by using adventurous colors like this dark green! I’m truly obsessed with the finished look, but if I’m ever ready for a change, I know it’s not a big deal at all to switch things up. Here’s a little photo tour of this finished space! We are working on putting together a second post with all the sources (and new prints!) in this space, but let us know if you have any questions in the meantime! And let me know how my approach to painting a room quickly works for you!
5I5A0622 copy
5I5A0278 copy

Using Etsy to Source Vintage and Unique Pieces

Vintage pieces are the soul of a room! I’m a firm believer that you can make inexpensive home products sourced from big box stores and the internet look expensive when you can combine them with the right vintage pieces.

Overstock Room Giveaway-58

sofa  //  rug  //  coffee table  //  chandelier

Overstock Room Giveaway-21

STARLITE print  //  chairs  //  lamp

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Vintage pillows are an easy place to start if you’re feeling timid. They are colorful, textural little pieces of art! Just like a great pair of statement earrings with a simple t-shirt, a fun vintage pillow can trick the eye and make the whole room look more expensive!


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1  //  2  //  3  //  4  //  5  //  6  //  7  //  8  //  9  //  10  //  11

Throw blankets are the next step in vintage shopping that feels accessible but fun! I love a good Moroccan throw with giant tassels! The bonus is these throws can be easily dyed if you’re not finding the exact color you’d like for your bedroom.

Brooklinen LGN 191

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PATHS print  //  Juniper Studio Home Lumbar Collection  //  lamp


See Lucy’s bedroom reveal here

bed  //  rug  //  wall sconces


1  //  2  //  3  //  4  //  5  //  6

I’ve said it before, but vintage runners are a must for me in every kitchen I design! They bring warmth and soul to what can feel like a cold space otherwise.

Gentry Kitchen-1 (4)

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5-shiplap-kitchen-59608-0618 (1)

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vanity  //  stool  //  mirror  //  sconce

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Studio Kitchen Reveal-6

HYACINTH print  //  POPPIES print  //  black planter

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If you click through some of these linked rugs below, you’ll find a few of our favorite rug sources! You can follow their shops and see all the beautiful pieces these sellers list daily! Treasure hunting at its most convenient! :)


1  //  2  //  3  //  4  //  5  //  6  //  7

Another easy way to incorporate vintage pieces into your home is through pottery! I am a straight up ceramics hoarder!! I have closets full of the stuff and each piece is genuinely priceless to me! And lucky for me, my sister is also a potter and she is constantly letting me use her pieces for projects! :)

Gentry One Room Challenge-37

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FEMME Styled

5I5A5668 copy

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Kara's Kitchen-67

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5I5A9706 copy

See our Real Simple bedroom reveal here

I especially love the ceramic pieces that look organic and extra drippy/imperfect! That is what’s so great about vintage pieces – their unique, one of a kind qualities. I hope you find some treasures in our favorite shops here! xo


1  //  2  //  3  //  4  //  5  //  6  //  7  //  8