Yards and Exteriors


DIY House Number Door Mat

I’ve had a pair of black resin planter boxes out front for a while now and they keep getting these weird white marks on them that don’t really clean off. Every time I walk by them I make a mental note to do something about it. Then I saw this image on Pinterest: White! Glorious, […]


DIY Geometric Cube Painted Floor

For the longest time, I’ve had plans to paint a geometric cube pattern on an exterior floor. I really hoped to get to do it on our balcony porch in Brooklyn, but we moved before the weather gave me a good chance to patch the cracked concrete. When we moved to the Valley house I […]


New House Color!!

We just passed the one year mark here in Arizona. What a year it’s been! There, for sure, have been some hard moments, and we miss parts of living in the city like crazy, but overall, we’re so happy and grateful for this past year. Mostly, it has been wonderful to live so close to […]


The Well is No Longer

We have a giant ficus tree in the back yard that really needed a good trim because it was starting to touch the roof. We got a couple of bids (I was shocked at how much the price ranged!) and when the man we ended up hiring to do the trimming mentioned he did other […]