Window Treatments


PSA: Roman Shades at Lowes

I found some really inexpensive white cotton roman shades at Lowes over the summer that we used in our playroom. The 48×72″ size was a steal at about $30 each. My mom and I went to Lowe’s yesterday to pick up a few for her bedroom refresh and, SURPRISE! Yellow stickers everywhere. They were on […]


DIY Yellow Curtains for the Playroom

There are only two bedrooms on the main floor of our house, the master bedroom and a large-ish room at the front of the house. For the first few months that we lived here, I used it as my office space, but it just didn’t really work for some reason. Then I had the idea […]


Shades and Sputniks

I really love a good woven shade, but I prefer them in lighter tones with lots of tortoiseshell mottling in the pattern. Home Depot used to carry a really beautiful version that was discontinued a couple years ago and I’ve been feeling the loss ever since. I wanted warm-toned woven shades for my studio and […]


Calling All Pelmet Boxes

At the request of some readers, I’m putting together a Flickr group of pelmet boxes that YOU have made using this basic tutorial. I’ll also be doing a post about all the submitted projects. If you’d like to be included, please send me an email with a link to your blog post or a picture […]