Why Don’t You


Faux Brick Hardboard Wall Panels

I took a trip to IKEA recently and noticed the badly patched seam in this brick wall on one of their displays and thought, “oh, that’s not brick then. duh.” Looks like they could have filled the gaps a little better? But I did like the effect of the texture from the “bricks.” Later I […]


Roll On Wallpaper

My friend Grace from A Storied Style (who posted the cutest room reveal today), tweeted me a link to this company recently. I think I got a PR email from them or something once and was intrigued with the idea. Do any of you have any experience with patterned paint rollers? I wonder how hard […]


Framing Baby and Vintage Clothing

Not to get all TMI on you all, but we’re in the thick of some big family planning decisions around here. I would love to have more babies I think, but we’re trying to be thoughtful about the timing and about what makes the most sense for us and for our future. Me Oh My […]


White and Gold Design

Marianne and Jamie from White and Gold Design are based out of Salt Lake City. They are doing some great work and emailed me with one of their simple DIYs for their new office space. Jamie says: “Needing some desks for our new office space on a tight budget, we were inspired by your etageres post […]