Why Don’t You


Gallery Wall of Mirrors

There’s a hallway in our house that has the lowest ceiling you could possibly imagine and not a ton of natural light. Actually, there’s like, no natural light. It’s a dark, squatty hallway. The playroom is at one end, our bedroom is at the other and the guest bathroom and the laundry room are in […]


Sliding Pantry Door

We are still chipping away at improvements to our kitchen area. The faux soapstone black concrete counter tops are holding up fine, but the cabinets have never been great. We added some moulding and painted them this year, which made them prettier for sure. But you know, they’re still junk, and they don’t work well. […]


Why Don't You: Make a Fancy Credenza

I’ve been working on the design of our library wall bookshelves the past week or two. We’re wanting to do a credenza-type storage piece all along the bottom of the shelving units so I’ve been digging up photos of vintage credenzas I’ve taken at antique stores over the years, and I’ve been doing lots of […]


Chalkboard Markers on Picture Frames

How great is this living room of one of my readers, Linda? She wrote to me:  “I recently spied my old chalk board markers and randomly decided to draw on the glass of a couple picture frames.  It ended up being super fun and I liked the look (a bit irreverent), so thought I would […]