Tips of the Trade


The Best and Easiest to Use Spray Gun

I’ve been holding out on buying a spray gun for painting because it always felt like an overwhelming purchase. Where would I keep all the required stuff – air compressors, tubes, funnels, including the gun and who knows what else? And why would I spend hundreds of dollars on the gun alone when I can […]


Rustoleum Enamel

Are you sick of me professing my love of oil-based paints yet? :) When I want a custom color mixed, I use Benjamin Moore’s or Sherwin-Williams’ Porch and Floor paint, but if I’m at Home Depot and need a pretty basic color, I reach for the quarts of pre-mixed Rustoleum Enamel. I’ve used their blue: […]


Organizing Books by Color AND by Genre

We love books and have a little bit of a book-buying problem in the Komenda family. It goes without saying that it doesn’t cut it for us to organize our books only by color – that way it would be impossible to find a specific book! And anyway, I think it can look a little […]


Using Painter’s Tape for Mapping Out Furniture

Did I tell you we bought a dining table?? Remember I was in love with this octagonal Widdicomb table? Well, I thought long and hard about making my own version. I priced out the right wood and brainstormed how I would do it. Ultimately I decided it was too risky. The wood alone was going […]