Master Bedroom


DIY Necklace Hanger

We decided to block out our weekend and we’ve got nothing planned but house projects! I am so excited to share one big one in particular (photos coming!), but one small project I want to tackle is making a second one of these little necklace holders I did for my first Domino article¬†project. I’m running […]


How to Spray Paint Hardware

I was just working on¬†the whiteboard tutorial and I when I got to the photos about the primer I used, I realized I haven’t yet shared my new favorite product! I used it to DIY the pulls I used for the wardrobes in my first Domino piece. (PS my next project article will go live […]


DIY Splatter Vase (and a Trick for Grocery Store Roses!)

1 When I was leaning over the paint counter, thinking about what colors I’d like to add to my bedroom, I thought an oxblood red would be the perfect balance to the new green lamps and the Knoxville Gray walls. I usually have something of every color in my extra tchotchkes/accessories closet (we all have […]


New Bedroom Lamps

Sometimes when I’m decorating a room and things are falling a little flat, I like to stand back and think about what color is missing that might help round out the space. When I needed a pair of lamps for our bedroom, I felt like it would be a good place to bring in a […]