How Much Does it Cost to Renovate a Kitchen?

This post is sponsored by American Express Personal Loans. If I could tally up all the questions I’ve received from readers over the years, I would bet you that a big majority of them are asking about kitchen design. I get it! Renovating a kitchen can be stressful, complicated and, not to mention, so expensive! It […]

COPENHAGEN copy copy

Our Scandinavia Trip (and Prints!)

COPENHAGEN print This summer, Michael and I took our three oldest girls (ages 8, 11 and 12) on a two week adventure to Scandinavia. Many of you followed along on Instagram (I’ve saved a lot of the stories in my highlights) and I got about a million messages asking for details on how we traveled […]

Juniper Mixtiles 5-2

Playroom Makeover with Mixtiles

Sponsored by Mixtiles. After years of saving, and now weeks of meeting with contractors and trades, we are getting VERY close to starting a big remodel at my house. I’ve got a big post coming up that shares the details of the plans now that they are almost final! In the meantime, we are spending […]


How to Layer Rugs

I love incorporating vintage rugs into just about any space. They bring so much character, color and texture into a space and make it feel instantly more unique. source The only negative with vintage rugs can be the sizing. You typically aren’t going to find one in your standard living room sizes, which can be a challenge […]