The Girls Bathroom!

The girls upstairs bathroom is finished! I starting writing a MONSTER reveal post with the shiplap tutorial included, but I just couldn’t edit it down to less than, like, 70 photos, so I decided to make this reveal a two-parter! This post is still enormous, but I’m hoping it’s a little more bite-sized! :) As […]

LGN 6 Steps for a Dreamy Bedroom

Recipe for a Cozy and Pretty Bedroom

We are having a ton of house guests this summer, so I’ve been working on a little guest bedroom refresh. As you know, we started with changing the wall color (still obsessed!), but I also wanted to make some furniture changes and actually buy some real furniture for the space, since we were just using […]


Gather for Goats

What do you have going on this weekend? Want to join me and friends all over the world who are throwing dinner parties large and small to help Syrian refugee families? My sweet friend Linsey Laidlaw is on the board of Lifting Hands International (my charity of choice for this cause) and she has organized […]


White Walls + Contrasting Molding = HEAVEN

Our guest room has been an eyesore from day one of moving in. Despite a few efforts to spruce it up over the last few years, it’s always been sort of an afterthought. Here’s what it looked like when we first walked the house before buying it. Pink carpet. Golden Tan walls. Heavy furniture. Astroturf […]