Flora Bedroom 2

Indigo Obsession

I just want to say a quick THANK YOU for your great support this week with the launch of Jenny’s Print Shop! I’m so excited to keep sharing these new prints and framing and displaying ideas with you all! Many of you have been tagging me on Insta with sales on frames or an image […]


Some Favorite Rugs

One of my favorite purchases from Lucy’s project was this amazing Taza rug from West Elm. It was soft and thick and well-made and, for this room especially, it had just the right amount of color and pattern (which is to say not too much, so that the pillows and art could be the stars […]


Lucy’s Bedroom

One of ourĀ goals when working on Lucy’s bedroom redesign was to make it feel different from before, even drastically so. She was ready for this change. But most of all, we wanted her to feel relaxed and comfortable in her room. We wanted the look to be feminine and grown up and serene. Joanna originally […]


Canopy Beds Of the Non-Princess Variety

It’s so embarrassing to admit it here, but we’ve been sleeping on two twin mattresses pushed together with a king-sized feather topper – for the last two years. YIKES! It was meant to only be a temporary thing right after we moved, but here we are! Honestly, it wasn’t a big deal and that’s why […]