Basket Roundup

Baskets are such a easy, affordable and functional addition to every room! They also bring a beautiful layer of warmth and texture. You can of course tuck them under benches and have them on shelving, but don’t be afraid to layer them under console tables or next to side tables and nightstands.


runner (similar)  //  wall hooks

5I5A3036 (1)

vanity  //  mirrors  //  sconces



Gentry Kitchen-22

It can be tricky to find the right specific basket for your space, so make sure you have you measurements handy when you start your search. We’ve rounded up our tried and true favorites for you here, but please let us know in the comments if we’ve missed any of your favorite basket finds!

Gentry One Room Challenge-32

rug  //  nightstand  //  bed  //  sconce

Studio Kitchen Reveal-13

baskets  //  tray  //  plant stand



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  1. Aidel.K

    Nice roundup! I have one of those polypropylene baskets from Target (#17), and I’ve been amazed at its sturdiness. It’s a fixture in my laundry room. My fave basket is for sure a belly basket with pom poms in my bedroom. :-) I’m currently looking for a nice covered basket to use as a hamper.

  2. Carolyn

    I love the Aimee Arrow Baskets from World Market. I keep my son’s train set in a big one under my coffee table – it’s sturdy enough to withstand his not at all gentle tugs and looks beautiful.

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  4. Lauren

    HI! I really love your style! Would you mind sharing the source for the curtains in the bedroom photo? Or alternatives if they are custom draperies? Thanks!

  5. Thanks for sharing, it looks nice!

  6. Megan

    I love using baskets to decorate, especially in the living room because I can also put blankets in them.

  7. Very helpful article, Thank you for sharing. I love you

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