Easy DIY: Hanging Removable Wallpaper

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Today we introduced two new prints to the Print Shop from Jenna Marie Ward,  Delicate Arch and Capitol Reef!

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We hung some removable wallpaper in the studio for this shot and we were all shocked at how easy it was to hang! SO much easier than real wallpaper (here are a few tutorials for that if you’re looking for some tips!)

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We used the Florida Dilly Indigo Peel & Stick Wallpaper from Target’s new Opalhouse line. The absolute most important part is making sure your lines are level when you start hanging! Don’t start your first piece in a corner because most drywall is not perfectly straight. Either snap a chalkline or use a level to make a floor to ceiling pencil line a few inches away from the corner to start your first roll.

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The repositionable wallpaper is SO easy because all you have to worry about is getting the seams to match up, then you can pull up the rest of the paper and smooth out any wrinkles with your arms and hands.

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You can smooth out any small air bubbles using a credit card or a soft squeegee but there really weren’t that many! So different from pasted wallpaper!


I love this look for an entry space, a mudroom or laundry room! The simple block print on this specific paper is so pretty with our new punchy landscape paintings! We’ve rounded up a few of our favorites below. Have you ever used removable wallpaper before? I’m so sold! It’s the perfect solution for renters and for people like me that like to change things up regularly! :) (PS here’s another place we used removable wallpaper and loved it!)

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removable wallpaper  //  rug  //  leather bench



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  1. Meg

    Love! Are you able to share the source of the plant basket? Thank you!!

  2. Kara

    If you’re in a rental with “orange peel” walls, would this still stick? I.e. how smooth do your walls need to be?

    • Jenny

      Hi Kara! It depends on the pattern of the paper. You might be able to get away with a busier patter, but in general it looks better on smooth walls!

  3. Nora Ballantyne

    What size are the images printed in this photo shoot?! So gorgeous. I’m adding them to my cart now! Thank you! Echoing the plant basket source also. Thanks for all the gorgeousness, Jenny!

    • Jenny

      Hi Nora! These are printed at 24×36 from Walgreens. They were less than $15 to print at that size! :)

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  5. Carrie Nichols

    Input on wall texture. I’ve got 1980’s feathered texture on my walls. Would I need to sand down, paint then apply wallpaper?

    • Jenny

      You would probably want to do a smooth coat on your drywall before hanging this specific paper, since the pattern is a little more on the simple side. If you pick a paper with a busier pattern, you might be able to get away without changing the texture!

  6. Julie

    Do you think removable wallpaper would do well in a bathroom? I worry the moisture may start to peel the edges.

    • Jenny

      Yes! I think it would do better than pasted wallpaper probably!

  7. Donald

    My tip is to put an athletic sock on your hand when smoothing out the bubbles…you get the feel of using your hand and can feel the bubbles but no worries about oils or other dirts smearing the paper, and you can easily adjust the pressure because it’s your hand.

    • Jenny

      What a great tip! Love that idea!

  8. Jamie

    Love this combo of wallpaper with those prints. You are killing it with these new artists you are adding to the shop! LOVE her work!

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  13. If you’re in a rental with “orange peel” walls, would this still stick? I.e. how smooth do your walls need to be?

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