GET THE LOOK: Jenna Lyon’s Soho Loft

GET THE LOOK- Jenna Lyon's Soho Loft7


GET THE LOOK- Jenna Lyon's Soho Loft9


The last few years, I been taking a break from using lots of saturated color in my rooms, but lately I feel the color pendulum swinging back for me. I find myself craving colorful walls and furniture and Jenna Lyons’ beautiful new apartment has me smiling and nodding. It’s soooo gooood…

GET THE LOOK- Jenna Lyon's Soho Loft1


GET THE LOOK- Jenna Lyon's Soho Loft8


GET THE LOOK- Jenna Lyon's Soho Loft11


What do you guys think about this kitchen? I think it’s perfect for a city loft apartment that is open to the living spaces, but might not be what I would pick for myself. It is absolutely STUNNING though! And that Italian chandelier is insane!

GET THE LOOK- Jenna Lyon's Soho Loft10


I love the thoughtful, quirky moments. Everything is so artfully done.

GET THE LOOK- Jenna Lyon's Soho Loft6


Her master bathroom is my all-time favorite though. The sea of marble is perfection! And the way her oak-paneled bedroom opens up to the bathroom view slays me.

GET THE LOOK- Jenna Lyon's Soho Loft2


GET THE LOOK- Jenna Lyon's Soho Loft3


GET THE LOOK- Jenna Lyon's Soho Loft4


GET THE LOOK- Jenna Lyon's Soho Loft5


Jenna Lyons is undoubtedly the queen of color! I’m so inspired. We rounded up some of our favorite Jenna-esque pieces here below! Are you craving color again like we are?


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  1. Lauren

    Yes! Craving color too. In fact, I think I’m going to paint some old pine dressers I’m using as nightsands a deep moss color similar to the chair you included in the roundup. You did something like that a bit ago and I loved it then. My answer to color is to go for it in the guest room mini makeover and see if it quenches my thirst or if I want to keep adding more color moments back in around the house (we have texture but have stuck mostly to a neutral palate in the main living area and master bedroom).

  2. Susan

    I’m feeling like natural wood paneling (or stained of course) like in her bedroom is also making a comeback, and to me it feels GOOD. With everything being painted (and kind of sterile because of it, IMO) for what feels like the last decade, the warmth and ‘back to nature’ feel that comes through natural wood paneling is tops in my book!

  3. Heather H

    I love color! I used to save a lot of really neutral spaces online, and then I looked around what I had bought for myself and realized I really liked to live in color.

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  5. Peggi

    Give me all the colors all the time! I feel like this loft is understated in the color department, but certainly rich in interesting details. (Rich, obviously being the operative word.) That bathroom, dang! I look forward to seeing more of your colorful side! 9good luck with your studio-seeking, btw.)

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  7. Samantha Schurter

    I’m now more determined than ever to find a way to have a brass backsplash. Over the top? Maybe, but I love it.

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  9. Andi

    Just gorgeous and absolutely decadent.

    It’s rich and layered, looks completely collected and curated but yet totally edited. There isn’t a moment I don’t like.

  10. Callie Wolfe

    I still remember the room you painted “Bavarian Forest”, and I was in love, and still am, with that saturated color… her hallway reminds me of it. I absolutely LOVE looking at all the color… but I have phases where I think that I NEED color in my house, buy said color/colors (ex: bright orange-red dining chairs a few years ago) then I change my mind a few months later (and paint the chairs a warm black). I just painted some board and batten we installed in a bathroom remodel we did a deep olive, and I am totally obsessed with it and the bold cement tile we installed. Let’s hope I feel the same in a year…

  11. Velvet

    So beautiful! An eclectic mix, with all the right colors – just gorgeous! And that bathroom with that veined marble made my jaw drop!

  12. Victoria

    OMG that hallway. Sooooo depressing! Saturated colours can look great but that hallway looks like something from a horror movie. Brass in the kitchen looks good though

  13. Bob55r

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  14. steel1

    im in love with all of the materials. thanks for the sharing

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