Weekly Favorites – Top 12 Planters


Every room in every house needs some plant life (either real or faux!) to help the space come to life! Today we rounded up 12 of our very favorite planters that have come in handy for us in our last few projects. If you’re looking for a few new planters to add to your home and you don’t want to break the bank, check out some of these beauties! And please let us know if we’ve missed any of your favorites in the comments!

Studio Kitchen Reveal-32

black planter with stand


metal planter


two tone planter with metal stand (smaller version) 

DO LESS print  //  HEARTS I print

IMG_0344 copy

gold planter  //  HYDRANGEAS print


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  1. Aidel.K

    Great roundup! I’m always prowling for planters, and I’d love to see a roundup of hanging planters, too. Maybe some of your savvy readers will recommend something. I splurged and bought this planter https://goo.gl/JMRXRf (Wire planter by Norm Architects) a couple of years ago. I’ve been really happy with it. I got the medium size, so the rim of the pot is level with my window sill–making for a happy plant. One of the nice features is that the pot has a removable rubber stopper allowing for indoor or outdoor use.

  2. Jamie

    I love these! Question… We’re adopting a toddler (first time parents) and I have plants everywhere. I don’t know how to best toddler-proof them. Should I put them in lighter, plastic pots so that the ceramic pot won’t break? Should I put them in a sturdy stand – and which stands are sturdiest? Any insight? Thanks!

  3. Veronica Barrio

    Love! Any good sources for outdoor patio planters?

  4. kim

    Love this! Can you share where the runner underneath the welcome mat came from?

    • kim

      Never mind–I found the info on the entry post! Ordered the Ikea runner. Love the layered front doormat look. :)

  5. Sara

    Where is the gold dot planter (first photo, cactus) from?

    • Melinda

      I bought mine from anthropology about a year ago.

    • Jenny

      Yes! From Anthropologie, but it’s been a while since they had them!

  6. Amanda

    I was hunting everywhere for a larger pot for my fiddle leaf fig tree, which was becoming root bound. It was really tough to find one that was just the right size. I finally got a plain black plastic one from Home Depot for around $8. Sounds crazy, but on the windowsill with the fig tree in it, it looks like a modern, high-end ceramic pot!

  7. kate

    this is a question about your gorgeous black doors: have you any tips on cleaning the black handles- like removing a spot of paint that someone left behind? I have something similar and I’m afraid of rubbing away the finish!

    • Jenny

      It depends on the finish of your door. If it’s raw metal with no finish you can use a paint thinner!

      • kate

        thank you! mine look as they are the same finish as yours…thanks for the tip!

  8. Kathleen Macfarlane


    loveeee this post and my new planter from tj maxx you recommended has made my day!

    what time of plant is that? and is it real?

  9. sharon daniel

    Where did you get the WELCOME mat from please?

  10. Ivory

    I love everything in this post. I was wondering where did you find that beautiful black wrought iron door? I love it.

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