Kara’s Kitchen and Lunch with Blue Apron

Kara's Kitchen-25

Kara Smith of the Home Study has been working with me at Juniper Studio for the past few months. She is a very talented designer and recently finished building a beautiful new home with her husband in Gilbert. Kara is getting ready for a couple big events at her new house so we offered to come over as a team and help her knock out some of the styling and take (a ton of) photos of her stunning kitchen!

Kara's Kitchen-51

Kara's Kitchen-59


Blue Apron had recently reached out to see if we wanted to have some meals sent to us at the studio as a way to kick off the new year in a healthy way (like, did you hear about their Whole 30 program in January and February?! Sign me up!). We used the field trip to Kara’s new house as an excuse to make their yummy shrimp taco lunch for the team!

(Side note — Blue Apron is offering $30 off the orders of my first 50 readers here!)




I’ve used Blue Apron before and I love the concept! Delicious, chef-designed recipes with farm-fresh, high quality ingredients are delivered right to your doorstep in a refrigerated box and you’re sent everything you need in the exact right portions to make your meals. No waste and no need to go to the grocery store! I love it.

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We ordered the Family plan for our team lunch at Kara’s and chose Jerk Shrimp Tacos with Cabbage & Orange Slaw. It was SO good and super easy to throw together while we were styling Kara’s beautiful shelves!


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Isn’t this kitchen perfection? I’m obsessed with all of it – down to the wood-look tile floors, the leathered black granite countertops, the marble backsplash, the custom cabinetry and of course the AMAZING lighting!

Kara's Kitchen-56

Kara's Kitchen-57

Kara's Kitchen-50

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Kara's Kitchen-60

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Kara's Kitchen-43


I feel like the luckiest girl in the world to have such an inspiring team! HUGE props to Kara for the stunning job designing her new home. And of course, a big thanks to Blue Apron for feeding us lunch and giving us a great excuse to hang out in Kara’s beautiful home for an afternoon. Don’t forget about the $30 off with this link here! It’s only for the first 50 readers, so don’t wait too long!


Kara's Kitchen-35

Sponsored by Blue Apron


Tile flooring

Cabinetry – Burdette

Hardware – Schaub and Company

Brass Wall Sconce

Black and Brass Faucet

Pot Filler

White Pendant Lights

Pink Runner

Wishbone Dining Chairs

Large Metal Bowl (similar)

Large Clear/Blue Vase (similar)

Wood Bowl

White Plates

Small White Bowls

White Tray with Gold Handles

White Pitcher with Gray Stripes

Blue Vase

Wood Recipe Box

White and Gold Flatware

Black and Gold Flatware

Gold Serving Tongs

Marble and Glass Cheese Dome

Blue Pottery 

Small Brass Tray

Brass Wrapped Vase

“France: The Cookbook”

Tobacco Basket

Undercounter Ice Maker


VALLEY (pink) print

  1. Rachael Bailey

    Could you share details about her cooktop! It’s exactly what I’ve been looking for!

    • Jenny

      All of her appliances are Viking! They’re beautiful!

  2. Eliza

    Lovely! Could you share the details on the table?

    • Jenny

      Hi Eliza! Kara used a remnant piece of marble and a found metal table base from a local store called Down East. I’m sure you could do something similar by finding a vintage or antique base on Offer Up or Craigslist and having a piece of marble cut to fit! It was so lovely in her kitchen! xo

      • Eliza

        Thank you so much for the details and the suggestions! I love this site and your IG. Thank you for sharing your creativity sprinkled in with common sense, fun, and lovely design!

    • KD

      Williams Sonoma currently sells a very similar table: the La Coupole Iron Bistro Table. . Crate and Barrel also has a marble dining table, not quite as similar but cute: the French Kitchen Table.

  3. Emily

    Drawer pull source? I’m hunting for look-alike to Rejuvenation’s Mission pulls…I need a length they don’t carry. These look very similar! Thanks in advance.

    • Jenny

      THe pulls are from Schaub and Co! I hope that helps!

      • Emily

        Thank you

  4. Dee

    Hi, I love the brass sconces, and have been searching for something exactly like them. But the source link doesn’t look like the same sconce (Source has two arms and looks like inside is gold inside of white). I’m in need of a sconce with only one arm and the arm doesn’t appear to be removable on the link. What this meant to be the exact source or just a similar one? Thanks!

  5. Angie M.

    The floor tile is exactly what I am looking for for my first floor. Do you have a source? It’s gorgeous!

  6. Nicole M.

    Beautiful … it is huge! My husband and I are going to be starting a kitchen redesign, so this is very inspiring. I have always wanted soapstone counters, but this leathered granite is pretty amazing and the price will be easier to swallow :) I also love the perimeter cabinet color … could you share?

    • Jenny

      Definitely look into black honed granite! So much more affordable and a complete work horse! The cabinet color is Repose Gray from Sherwin Williams.

  7. Carrie Day

    Hi! Do you mind sharing where the utensil holder is from? Thank you! :)

    • Jenny

      It is a vintage piece of pottery! Sorry to not be of any help there! :(

  8. Lindsay

    Loving the long skinny subway tile. Can you share where that’s from?

  9. Angie

    Beautiful kitchen!! I am also wondering about the sconces. I love the ones pictured, but the link to them has 2 arms instead of one. Was that extra arm removed by an electrician? Also there is white inside Cara’s sconce, but not the one pictured in the link. Did you change that? Thanks!!

    • Jenny

      The sconces in Kara’s kitchen were custom. The one linked is a similar available option :)

  10. Bonnie McCarthy

    I am a style stalker from way back and would LOVE to know where to find those dining table chairs -I think they are awesome! Actually, I think the entire kitchen is pretty much out of this world -thanks for sharing!

    • Jenny

      Hi Bonie! Aren’t they pretty!? We linked the exact chairs above in the source list under Wishbone Dining Chair!

  11. I love all the crystal clear pictures. Also, the marble vase and chairs in the kitchen looks awesomely goood !!!! :)

  12. PS: The storage cabinets for the kitchen is fabulously done and looks functional and fits to the space

  13. Brenda

    I’m going to pile on here: what about the floating shelving? I’m looking to do something just like it on the far wall of our brick kitchen! Thanks so much.

    • Jenny

      Hi Brenda! Burdette, the cabinet company, made the shelving! They’re so pretty in person too!

  14. Ashley Boyer

    So what is back in the butlers’ pantry besides the double ovens and a work area? It looks so dreamy!!! That is my ideal set up right there ❤️

    • Jenny

      A prep sink and second dishwasher, steam oven and regular oven and a huge walk in pantry! It’s amazing!

  15. Cara

    The tile that looks like wood floors is so interesting. What are the advantages of using this over wood floors or engineered wood floors? It is such a beautiful space!

  16. oak

    HELLO! Lovely photos… I too am looking for the Brass Wall Sconce, but the link is broken. Can you share the maker? Thanks.

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  18. Amir Naja

    wow. It’s quit beautiful clicks.nice arrangements and spaces.

  19. Amir Najam Sethit

    Adorable article. Thank you for sharing this nice ideas, decorations.

  20. Anna Jolley

    Hello! I’m brand new to your blog and business. That large blue and white bowl is calling my name. Can you point me in the direction of a place I could buy something similar?

    • Jenny

      Hi Anna! You can often find big bowls like these at Homegoods or Home Sense! I hope that helps!

  21. Thank you for sharing your suggestions! Love your blog!

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