Office Makeover with BEHR’s 2018 Color of the Year!

I’ve been wanting to paint my little office at Juniper Studio, but our ceilings in here are 15ft high (!), so I’ve been holding off. But recently I saw this image and decided a color blocked wall would be SO cool in here, so when BEHR asked if I wanted to use their 2018 color of the year (which happened to be INSANELY on brand with our Juniper colors!), I jumped at the chance to paint my office!

5I5A8548 copy

5I5A8549 copy

BEHR’s 2018 color trends are SO GOOD. Check out how beautifully all these colors play together! All of them are available at Home Depot now. Some of my favorite color combos are here – blush, olive, forest green, rust, coral and then of course this beautiful blue-green-gray color that they picked to be their color of the year. It’s called IN THE MOMENT, and I’m obsessed.

Behr 2018 Color of the Year

Behr 2018 Colors

My office before was a boring sea of white and desperately needed some color and life!



I picked up a gallon of IN THE MOMENT (T18-15) at my local Home Depot and a roll of painter’s tape. To get that color blocked look, I measured 72″ from the floor and marked every three feet or so with a pencil. Then I taped all around the room using the marks to keep the tape as straight as possible. The best way to make your paint lines are SUPER crisp is to first brush on a coat of the background color (the bright white we have on all the walls in the studio, in my case) on the bottom edge of your painters tape. This seals the tape and ensures if there are any leaks under the tape, it will be the background color!


Once the sealer paint is totally dry you can finish rolling on your main color and you can remove the tape to unveil the most perfectly crisp paint line you’ve ever seen!


I used Behr’s Marquee paint line, which is a paint and primer in one, so I only needed to roll on one coat! We busted out this project in about an hour!

5I5A8603 copy



5I5A8377 copy

5I5A8576 copy

5I5A8438 copy

Did you know that Home Depot carries a lot of decor items now too? I picked up this really cute (and affordable!) rug for my office there too! Isn’t it pretty with the new wall color?


This basket is also from Home Depot. We potted my favorite faux fiddle leaf in it and I love the combo!

5I5A8343 copy

I also picked up a couple of little accent pieces like this lacquered pink tray from Home Depot and this cute little brass desk lamp!

5I5A8404 copy

ELEANOR print  //  pink tray

5I5A8408 copy

Our DAHLIA prints by Lynne Millar are brand new in Jenny’s Print Shop and I could not love this color combo more!!

5I5A8344 copy

The IN THE MOMENT color is such a happy pop of color in our white studio. I’ve been loving working in this space and I can honestly say it is a super soothing, easy-to-live-with color!

5I5A8349 copy

5I5A8444 copy

5I5A8388 copy

5I5A8430 copy

5I5A8368 copy

wood bench

5I5A8398 copy

leather desk chair  //  arm chairs  // rug  //  brass lamp  // tall lamp is vintage  //  desk 

Thank you to BEHR for sponsoring this post! All opinions are my own. View BEHR’s 2018 Color Trends here, available at Home Depot now through the end of 2018!

  1. Mariana Green

    So beautiful Jenny! You and your team have been SO BUSY. Have a wonderful Christmas break.

    • Jenny

      Oh man! SO BUSY! Our Overstock Room Give Away reveal is going up tomorrow probably! So happy with how everything turned out this week! :)

  2. Aidel.K

    When my girls were young and sharing a room, they couldn’t agree on a wall color. We !wound up doing a color blocked wall that was blue and purple. (It took a lot of primer to cover that up eventually!) This look is much more sophisticated. I especially like that cute diamond window. Also–that brass lamp–never would’ve thought that was from HD. Is the West Elm rolling chair comfy? It looks great in there.

    • Jenny

      That’s so funny about the primer and the blue and purple walls! You’re a good momma!

      Cutest lamp, right? And YES to the West Elm chair being comfortable! I wouldn’t describe it as soft, but it is very comfortable for sitting in all day! xo

  3. Alana

    Is that really 72” from the floor? It seems lower than that. It turned out beautifully!

    • Jenny

      Yup, 72″! The ceilings are just so high in here!

  4. Rae

    I love these colors and the painting style. I am painting my very large basement now (it has little to no natural light). I love casual day together with soft focus, but I am nervous soft focus will look too “dirty” with no natural light. Any suggestions for a better neutral/white that would coordinate with casual day? Thanks!!!

    • Jenny

      I’d put up a big sample, Rae and live with it for a few days! See how it looks at all times of the day and that should help you figure out if you should go darker/lighter, warmer/cooler! xo

  5. jill hill

    Love this! The color blocked look is beautiful with the art. What a tranquil looking space. Thanks for the inspiration.

  6. Mimi

    Hey- love the color, but can’t take my eyes off of that bag hanging- tell me more? Thanks!

  7. Sarah

    Thank you Jenny.
    Sold on this color. I was just looking for a bluish greenish. This. Will. Be. It.

    • Jenny

      You will love it, promise! Everyone who comes in to the studio now comments on the color in here! xo

  8. Peggi

    Looks smashing! And those dahlia prints on it are perfection!!!!

    • Jenny

      Sort of made for each other, right?! Thank you, Peggi!

  9. karen

    looks so beautiful , as usual.
    getting that rug. thought it was tile , until I say the fringe!

    • Jenny

      You won’t regret it! I really like it!

  10. Donna

    Beautiful room. Love the color the rug and heading over to print shop for those prints!!!

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  12. Katie

    LOVE! I noticed you painted the baseboards as well. Is this so the color blends into the floor? Is it becoming a trend? Do you do this with all your projects? PS I love that look!!! My basement bedroom had water damage and I have been looking for a nice soothing color to paint it! I think this might be it!!!

  13. Ivory

    I agree with Karen, I too, must have that rug, and thought it was floor tiles at first. Beautiful! I love everything you did. Fabulous makeover. Happy Holiday’s

  14. Julie Dawson

    Love the new office look with color blocking and accessories.

  15. Jackie kwon

    HI Jenny, can I ask you a question? I love the island from your Gentry project kitchen. You listed the color as Dragon breath from BM. I looked that color online and the color looks really different than that. Just wanted to know if that was actually the color — I love it so much!

  16. Laura

    I would love to know — how do you handle computer wires in an office? Would love your advice!

  17. Kate Carr

    Beautiful job!!! I LOVE the color. Question- the bag hooks-where are they from?

    Thank you for the continuous inspiration!!!

  18. Marla

    Quick question – it seems you’re using two desks from Ikea – is that right? Did you paint one of the legs black? Would love your thoughts!

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