2017 Overstock Style Weekend and Design Challenge!

A few weeks ago, I had the COOLEST opportunity to go up to Salt Lake City for the first #OverstockSyle Weekend. When I found out that Kirsten from Simply Grove, Cassandra from Coco+Kelley, Dabito from Old Brand New and Ashley from At Home with Ashley were also coming, I knew it was going to be an amazing time. But little did I know that Overstock was going to roll out the red carpet for us in such a major way! It honestly was one of the most fun work trips I’ve ever been on. I left with sore cheeks from laughing, a tummy full from all the amazing meals, and a mind brimming with inspiration.

1 (3)

We started out by heading to Overstock’s corporate headquarters called Peace Coliseum (it looks like a peace sign from above).


When we got there they showed us a demo of their new augmented reality app that you can use to literally see thousands of pieces of furniture on their site in your room using your phone. It was SO crazy and it felt like I was getting a peek into the future for all online shopping. I love that Overstock considers themselves to be a tech company too – they are pushing boundaries for sure.


Next stop, we got to tour the Overstock Dream House up high in the mountains (literally on Mt. Olympus) overlooking the Salt Lake valley below. This mid-century house was completely decked out! Before coming up for the weekend, all of us bloggers sent Overstock a couple of mood boards of furniture we loved from the site.

DiningRoom LivingRoom

Then their design team decorated the house using only Overstock product based on the pieces we really loved! So cool, right? Here’s a little tour!


Living room inspired by Cassandra from coco+kelley – the wood sided sofa was literally perfect.

bench  //  wood  sided sofa  //  coffee table  //  vase  //  wall art


Dining room inspired by Kirsten from Simply Grove – those leather and brass dining chairs SWIVEL!

table  //  rug  //  sideboard  //  dining chairs  //  wall art  //  planters

18351529 23036419 16789325 19346824 20253160 20351005 19863692 18530354 18325535 18054507 21316671 17293247 16902815 18325403 17734606 18325542 18825398 15848686 15334540 20701925 21185067

The loungey family room was inspired by Dabito from Old Brand New – it honestly was the best hang out space! We were all here for hours and hours!

coffee table  //  gold floor lamp  //  woven chair  //  sofa  //  black leather chair  / / wall art  //  rug 

1 (4) copy

Ashley from At Home with Ashley inspired this breakfast nook – She loves a good pop of pink and that rug was perfection. (That art was SO GREAT too!)

 chandelier  //  credenza  //  chairs  //  table  //  wall art  //  rug

1 (2) copy

They designed the master bedroom inspired by my mood boards and it was so dreamy! Super soothing and calm, like a bedroom should be!

rug  //  lights  //  wall art   //  pom pom pillow

1 (1) copy

chair  //  towels

1 copy

gold tray  //  terrarium

(If you’re interested in seeing the whole Dream House, click over here! The exterior was gorgeous too!) After our house tour, a private chef made the most amazing five course dinner for us at the Overstock Dream House. Then we karaoked down in the lounge room (with all that gorgeous walnut paneling on the walls!) until the wee hours. It was amazing and completely worth being a little sleepy the morning of the big DESIGN CHALLENGE DAY!!!


You guys, they told us we were going to the Overstock photo studio for a design challenge, but we had NO CLUE about any of the details. When we arrived at their enormous photo studio early the next morning, we each got to pick an envelope at random. When we opened them we saw that we were each assigned a different color of the same chair. Most of the colors were more neutral but I got THE ORANGE CHAIR!!! Gasp! I was excited for the challenge. :)


Each of the five bloggers had a room set in the photography studio with wood floors and a neutral color on the walls. Once we were assigned a chair color and a photo assistant and stylist team, they started the clock! We RACED through the Overstock prop house, picking furniture and accessories and lamps and art to use in our rooms all from the Overstock inventory. It felt like I was in a game show! Like a mix of the Amazing Race and that old grocery store game or something! :) It was sort of stressful but mostly SO FUN!

I put together a video of all of my Instagram stories from the design challenge – it was so fun to livestream the excitement!

Here’s a time lapse video of my space. I had fun reliving the day by occasionally pausing the video to see all the different directions we thought about going in before settling on the final look! :)

When the time was up, we did a big Overstock Facebook Live stream of the room reveals with each of the bloggers (you can still watch that video here) and the viewers voted on their favorites spaces. I’m so happy to say that my space won thanks to you guys and your support! Thank you!!! :)

Here’s the finished room from my #OverstockStyle Design Challenge!!

Jenny Komenda Overstock Design Challenge






I was a little nervous about getting the orange chair, but I actually think it works really well in the space here! It’s such a fun pop of color.


Overstock continued to spoil us the rest of the weekend with amazing meals and outings and just generally a really great time! I have to say, I came into the weekend loving Overstock’s product offering, but I left LOVING OVERSTOCK and what they stand for as a company. They love their customers and they really love their employees. I have so much respect for all they are achieving!


1  //  2  //  3  //  4  //  5  //  6  //  7  //  8  //  9


1  //  2  //  3  //  4  //  5  //  6  //  7  //  8  //  9  //  10

ALSO!!!! Guess what?! Overstock is letting each of us bloggers give away the chair we used for the design challenge! Just enter by leaving a comment. (And yes, you can choose any color of the chair you’d like!) :)

This post is brought to you by Overstock, a company I use and love! Thank you for supporting our sponsors!

  1. Tammy S

    I love how you styled your room! Congratulations on winning the challenge! I thought it would be so much harder to style around the orange chair, but it really is a great pop of color! Plus I love the sofa!! I’m on the hunt for a new sofa!

  2. I loved following along on instastories when you went up to Utah! Very fun! Crossing my fingers to win that chair! I’d buy another matching one and put them in our living room.

  3. Stacie

    Yay, congrats! And what a great weekend!!

    I live with three very neutral people, so naturally I desperately need this orange chair in my life!

  4. Whitney

    I had been browsing overstock and noticed you picked a couple of the pieces I was looking at. It’s fun to see them styled. Great job I love the room!

  5. Deborah G.

    The Overstock app seems really cool. I’d love to redo my living room with some of their chairs and a coffee table. It be cool to see different looks on the app.

  6. Mart

    That is one cute chair! I love the room that you designed–so fresh and layered. xo

  7. K.C.

    This room looks so layered and put together over time. Nice job!

  8. Danielle

    So impressed by Overstockʻs hospitality and resources – and your design!

  9. Sharon

    I love shopping Overstock, never know what must-have I will find. Love your style!

  10. Lindsey

    I always forget about Overstock! Love their stuff now!!

  11. Noreen

    We just volunteered to be on a tour of homes for charity….in about 5 weeks. YIKES. Have a great spot in my living room for a chair like this!

  12. Emily

    I love how the room turned out! And the orange chair was not-so-secretly my favorite color. It looks fantastic in the room.

  13. Erin

    So fun! Loved following along on this project! I’ve bought a couple rugs from Overstock in the past, and been really pleased with the quality — I get nervous buying home decor online, but so far so good!

  14. jberry

    Ya’ll couldn’t have had a better base piece than the Mid Century chair.

  15. Melody Jones

    This sounds like the best “work” trip ever and what a fun chair!

  16. Shar Owens

    I’m generally a girl who loves neutrals but looking forward to adding a pop of color in my decorating life with this splendid chair. I had a chance to see all of the bloggers’ spaces and have to say that I’m truly impressed. Overstock definitely selected a talented bunch for this challenge.

  17. Karen

    Loving your room. I just remodeled my bedroom and have been looking for a chair for a sweet little nook I have. Orange is my favorite color but I think I’d go with green. The room is neutral and rattan except for the pop of color my plants bring in. A green chair would be perfect.

  18. Allyse

    Loved watching your IG stories the day you created this look!! I would totally go with the light grey personally!

  19. Cindy A.

    Thank you for offering such a lovely and generous giveaway. This is such a fun challenge! I would be so excited to choose all the furniture and accessories.

  20. Lorelai

    That bright orange color is great–and not something I thought I would like! Great job!

  21. Linda

    Your room is my favourite of the five. I love it.

  22. Shavonda

    I loooooved following along with all of you on stories Jen!! What a fun opportunity and I was so happy to see some of my favs there. All the spaces turned out fabulous . I loved your space and how you used the orange chair . And I loved Dabs boho space as well. Thanks for the awesome giveaway.

  23. Kendra

    I am seriously swooning over this room and I LOVE! the chair!

  24. Jenny Free

    I’d love this chair for my basement family room- a much needed pop of color in a dark space! I’d pick the green or blue- maybe orange! I can’t pick… they’re all so good!

  25. Laura

    This looks like it was a blast! Your style is very inspiring, I love your use of color and texture in a way that is interesting and fun, but still modern and clean! and The chair is the perfect pop! Thanks for sharing!

  26. Shannon Dion

    I didn’t realize you had won the room challenge- yours was the best! Would love to win that cute chair- fingers crossed!

  27. Amanda

    Love your design and love browsing Overstock! Congratulations on the win!

  28. Amy

    It’s a perfect Orange! The color looks great with the other pieces in the space

  29. Susan

    Love that chair! Love the room too.

  30. Gabrielle

    Love everything about that room (and everything else you do)! And such a cute little chair!

  31. Leigh

    I love all this inspo! Thanks for the recap – I had no idea overstock was so forward thinking, and I will definitely be shopping there in the future. I would love this chair for my new (sparsely furnished) house!!

  32. tara

    so lovely! thanks for sharing

  33. Emilee Wells

    Your room was beautiful! And I love that chair! The pop of orange is just awesome.

  34. Brandilyn

    YOUR room is gorgeous! And I would LOVE to add color into my living room with one of those chairs omg

  35. Annie Lewis

    Such a great room! And great chair!! I’d love to get one for my family room. I can’t imagine a better color than that one. :)

    Annie from North Carolina

  36. Abby

    I loved watching the stories of you designing this room. It was so cool seeing your thought process and the difference elements you pulled. And now fun to see the finished product! I would love my own orange chair! Thank you, Overstock!

  37. Keeley Spargur

    My cat clawed our bedroom leather chair and now I have a newborn and no comfy bedroom chair! SOS I would loooove to win this giveaway from overstock!

  38. Lindsey B

    Oooooh I have been looking for a new chair to complete my living room and this would be perfect!

  39. angela parrish

    love the orange~i would love a new chair

  40. Shantal Moody

    Moving into my first house next month & planning on looking to you (and Overstock after this post) for inspiration!

  41. Courtney

    I love that chair and your style!

  42. Malia torrone

    Loved your room and those chairs!!

  43. Sara

    You did a fantastic job, as usual!

  44. Kayla

    I loved following along on instastories! You are so much fun. You rocked that orange chair. I can’t believe how much beautiful furniture overstock has, never would have thought!!

  45. Tori

    Love that room, and that chair!

  46. Lorna Calder

    Love the chair and the room! I’m a first timer on your blog, but I’ll be back!

  47. Claudia

    I loved following along while you were with Overstock! You rocked that room and the orange chair looks so fun and perfect in there!

  48. Lauren

    Love the room and that chair! Overstock is always a place I check when shopping home decor but I never knew the had so many great stylish options! That orange color is so fun

  49. Rachel A

    Such good stuff! Would love a chair… moved into a house a month ago!

  50. Emily

    Looks like so much fun! I love the chair!

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