The Perfect Blue Overdyed Rug!

Okay, SO many of you have had questions about this blue rug I was raving about in our orthodontist office reveal post! It is so insanely affordable and comes in great sizes for every space. It is soft underfoot (it would totally work for a playroom!) and literally hides EVERY SPEC OF DIRT AND CRUMBS.


Like I mentioned before, I’ve bought it a few times now for clients and even for my own house. I just got the 10×14 size for our living room and it looks AMAZING. I didn’t realize how much I missed having a plush rug in there! Linus is loving it too. :)

Screen Shot 2017-08-09 at 9.08.25 AM

Here are all the sizes below.  The only size I haven’t seen in person yet is the $45 runner, which I might grab one for staging at Gentry! I’m giddy thinking about this rug on those beautiful white oak floors! :)

nuLOOM Blue Overdyed Rug Sizes:

2’8″x8′ Runner

5’3×7’8″ Rug (the perfect size for an entry!)

7’10″x11’2″ Rug (great for a smaller living room or a bedroom with a Queen size bed or smaller!)

9’x12′ Rug (perfect for most living rooms and playrooms!)

10×14′ Rug (best for large living rooms with two sofas)

Here are a few more images of friends homes who love the rug as much as I do! Isn’t it gorgeous?! Tag me (@jennykomenda) on Insta if you have this rug too and I’ll feature you in my stories! :)

Screen Shot 2017-08-09 at 3.03.44 PM


Screen Shot 2017-08-09 at 3.17.11 PM


Screen Shot 2017-08-09 at 3.20.50 PM


Screen Shot 2017-08-09 at 3.25.30 PM


  1. Sarah

    Whoa, Jenny. You are rocking my world gets. Your posts have been wonderful and the tips EXCELLENT.
    Thank you.

  2. Hey Jenny…great post and I loved ve thevrug. I have a question though. The Wayfair rug says it’s silver and gray. Is it the same rug? The Overstick one looks more like the one in your photos. I get trade pricing on Wayfair, so for me it’s a bit cheaper but worried it’s not the overdyed blue rug (which I love!!). Let me know…



    • Jenny

      Isn’t that weird?! It is definitely the same rug, just weird naming and a funny tint to their stock photo! :)

  3. Sheena

    I’ve always had beef with Rugs USA. While their prices are sometimes great, they used to vary their “original” prices with whatever sale they were having. So the original price of a rug was astronomically high during a 70% off sale but not too bad with a 30% off sale. Shieshy, deceptive business practices in my opinion. I go elsewhere. LOVE this blue rug! Thanks for sharing! Filing it away!

  4. M. West

    Jenny, do you have to have a rug pad with this rug? I am about to purchase and was wondering. Thank you so much for the great lead!

    • Jenny

      Yes! A rug pad is always a good idea! I like using really thin rug pads like this one ( ) or even the really thin ones from IKEA!

    • Jenny

      Awesome! Thanks Marie!

      • Joan

        Odd that when I went to the Amazon link, it was up to $246!!!

  5. Heather

    Any idea where they got that green sofa?

  6. Helen

    I bought the 10’14’ size a few days ago for $270! I couldn’t believe it. It’s going to be large in our living room, but it was even cheaper than the 9’12 version! I was in actual shock over it haha. Thank you so much for recommending it, I’ve been having a hard time finding a rug that I knew would hide the stains living with 3 kids and 2 dogs brings, but that wasn’t going to cost a small fortune.

  7. Abbie

    Just bought this for our playroom! I can’t wait to see it in there. Our old rug sheds like crazy and now has red permanent marker on it = time to be replaced! Thanks for the tips. This is perfect and the price can’t be beat.

  8. michelle

    I had a grass/weave type-ish rug and with two dogs and a husband, that thing was so dirty and I couldn’t get it clean. I literally had this rug in my saved items for months and finally bought it. It hides dirt so well…and dog hair…we have a cream and a black dog and you can’t see hair on it at all. I got it for $216 from Rugs USA :)

  9. Pat

    Links don’t work. Please provide exact rug name, style, color. Thanks.

    • Jenny

      Hi Pat!

      Which links aren’t working for you? They’re all working for me.


  10. laura

    loved this rug from your other post! i wish i could get it for my living room but i already have a blue sofa so i’m worried it would be overkill. any suggestions on similar rugs but different colors?

  11. Really the blue rug looks great, it suits the interiors as well.

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  14. Sara

    Jenny, I love this rug. I saw some reviews complaining that it looks crooked. Did you see that at all?

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  16. run 2

    Really the blue rug looks great, it suits the interiors as well. This is perfect and the price can’t be beat.

  17. I was excited to find this site. I wanted to thank you for your time for this wonderful read!! I definitely savored every little bit of it and I have you book marked to check out new things in your web site.

  18. Lily

    Been so annoying trying to buy this. They use the silver/grey stock photos for the rugs listed as blue. There are separate listings for a blue rug with a photo of a blue rug. Hard to know what you’re going to get.

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