Print Shop End of Summer Sale!

Happy Thursday!! In honor of the holiday weekend, Jenny’s Print Shop will be having an “End of Summer” sale!! All of our favorite summer inspired prints will be $10 starting Thursday, 8/31 – Monday, 9/4!! This includes Beach Day, Cali, Diving Ladies, Ferris, Rainbow, Summer Day and Yellow Butterfly.

We are also partnering with some local Arizona small businesses to donate all of the proceeds from Thursday’s sales to the Hurricane Harvey Relief Fund.  We would love if you joined us in raising as much money as we can for the people of Texas.

FullSizeRender (3)

Barefoot Blonde Hair  //  Alice + Ames  //  Cozys  //  Grounded



FullSizeRender (2) copy

lamp  //  vase




desk  //  lamp



Photo Aug 28, 1 10 25 PM

vase  //  footstool



Ferris3 copy

lamp  //  wood artist mannequin




letter board  //  picture ledge



5I5A5836 copy

vases  //  picture ledge



5I5A5834 copy

chair  //  snake plant

A lot of you have asked about framing options, and Framebridge is one of the best options if you want a no hassle, custom look. All you have to do is upload your digital print to their site and then pick the size and style of frame you like. They are offering first time customers 15% off their order when you use the code JENNYSPRINT15!

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  2. Jessica

    Would you mind sharing where Beach Day was taken? It reminds me of a spot in La Jolla but I’d love to know for sure before I purchase. I’ve always wondered but this is inspiring me to ask! Thanks!

    • Jenny

      Hi Jessica! It was taken on Santa Monica pier! :)

      • Jessica

        Thanks Jenny!

  3. Elizabeth Nelson

    Hi Jenny,

    Random question, but where did you purchase the grey office chair in the Cali room photo? Thanks in advance!

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  5. yay for summer sale! I can’t wait to order! I wondered if I could ask where you found that little stand for your letter board? I’ve wanted to ask you about that for the longest time. Thanks so much!

    • Jenny

      Hi Kristen! I think I got it at Hobby Lobby? Or maybe another local art supply store? It was only like $5! They had lots of sizes. :)

      • Kristen

        Thank you!!

  6. Summer are meant for chillling out on beaches, you can go on outing and enjoy with family & friends. Even you can plan to have wood floor in summer as they give cool effect to the house.

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