Basketweave Slipper Chairs

Some of you who have been following me for a long time know that I have never been one to shy away from a good slipper chair. But a PAIR of slipper chairsthat are on super good sale?  Stop. There’s no chance for me to pass. Get in my online cart, little babies!



I’ve been wanting a new pair of chairs for our (super dark) living room. I needed something petite enough to fit the tight space and that’s really light and airy to help brighten things up. But, you know, I HAVE CHILDREN! White stuff does not stay all that white for long in my house with four young kids and our giant poodle, Linus.


Enter these white basketweave beauties. Guys, they are outdoor chairs! Which means the white will stay white. Sure, it’s not fancy leather or the traditional cotton webbing you usually see on these MCM chairs (a la Jens Risom). The straps are a nylon material, but I don’t think they look cheesy. That bright white just calls to me. And the acacia wood frame is truly A+.


I figure worst case scenario, I put them outside. Best case scenario, I love them until the day I die and then my girls fight over who inherits “the vintage white basketweave slipper chairs.” (not likely, I know. Give me some slack guys, I literally unpacked these from the chairs from the box like two hours ago and I’m still on a buyer’s high.)



CLICK HERE if you want in on my stress-free white slipper chair club! 20% off right now with the code SUNFUN!! I think the sale ends tonight though, so move fast.


PS They also have a dining chair version that I am SO TEMPTED by… But how much webbed furniture is too much webbed furniture? Will we ever know?


  1. Kelsey Cafferky

    I’m obsessed with those chairs too! I sat on the dining chair version a couple weeks ago at World Market and vowed that once we revamp our screen porch I WILL get those chairs! Thanks for the heads up on the sale! Maybe now is the time to pull the trigger!! They look great in your gorgeous living room btw! :)

    • Jenny

      I’m in the same boat! I have that feeling when an eBay listing is ending soon! Do I buy them tonight?!

  2. Andre

    I love those chairs and they look great in your home. Would you please share the source of your chandelier? I am obsessed with it.
    Thank you

    • Jenny

      Thank you, Andre! I designed it and had Lucent Lightshop make it! I’m sure they could recreate for you! :)

  3. Elizabeth

    Love the chairs! I have to know about that rug and also the world market rug you were searching for on Insta Stories!

    • Jenny

      Thanks!! The rug is from esalerugs! I posted about it a few months ago!

      • Jenny

        And I was looking for that pink Boho rug! Still haven’t got it!

  4. Kelly

    I’m guessing that, because of their pitched back, these wouldn’t make good desk chairs? Thoughts on that?

    • Jenny

      Definitely not a good desk chair! Way too low!

  5. Rebecca

    Oh these look so great! I have been just looking at the same but in black for our outdoor terrace, and i think I’ll get them!

  6. Rebekah

    I must have missed the fireplace reveal…. Gorg!! Love your style!

  7. Mary

    Absolutely love the chairs – thanks for posting. Where is your blanket/throw from too? It is gorgeous!

  8. Jen

    Are the chairs comfortable? Could one curl up and read a book or watch an episode or 2 or 3 of House of Cards? Good chair for company to sit in while chatting away for a couple of hours?

    • Kimberly

      Great questions. I’d love to know what you answer Jenny!! I looked at them the other day online as well.

    • Jenny

      I wouldn’t describe them as TV-watching chairs! But comfortable for a couple hours of sitting for conversations or whatever!

  9. Rachel G

    I’m so in love with that chandelier!!!!!! When does your lighting line come out and please tell me this will be part of it!?!???

  10. kristen f

    I love them! I love the whole room, BUT I have to know about that THROW! i have been looking for multi-stripe throws for my girls beds. That one is perfect. Details, please!!

    • Ashley

      Agreed! That throw is amazing.

    • Jenny

      It’s from West Elm but I think it’s sold out! Sorry!

  11. I love it ! All the products are amazing ! Thanks for the sharing.

  12. Louisa

    Jenny, curious of you saw the dining chairs in person and tested them out? Comfortable? Thanks!

  13. Patricia

    I had these chairs (beige cording, not webbing) back in the 70s from an import store. Somewhere along the way I parted ways with them. Now, they’d be vintage. Glad you love yours.

  14. marina dunbar

    these are so cute! I love how they look in that space.

  15. Zoe Shyn

    Jenny- where is your hanging light fixture/chandelier from? It’s stunning!


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  17. They look really goid in your living room and they are perfect for the kids. They are really low though so they are good as additional seats; an old person would find difficult to get up from them in fact.
    Thank you for sharing, nice blog!

  18. Jenny, this is so good and very helpful. Thank you!

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    Designing a custom chair for your living room sounds like a way to really get everything you would like out of your couch. That is awesome that you can select everything from the design to the fabric that is used. Comfort level for myself, I would say is something that I would consider most important in getting a custom club chair.
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  20. Emily

    I just want to know about your shoes!! :) Love them!

    • Emily

      Oops, I posted that comment to the wrong post. Sorry!

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  23. I like this design style. everything is in harmony. The main white color creates a light feeling.

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