Warming Up A Black Tiled Bathroom

One of my favorite spaces my team and I designed this year was this cabin bathroom! I’m OBSESSED with the black subway tile we chose and had installed all the way from floor to ceiling on every wall. We used a white epoxy grout to make a high contrast against the black tile and I love the graphic effect. But between the huge amount of black tile and the polished concrete floors, we had our work cut out for us to help this space feel less cold and empty.

IMG_5981 copy

tile  //  rug (similar)  //  stool

sink  //  sconces  //  towels

The first thing we did to help warm up the space was incorporate a little brass with this mirror over the sink. I LOVE mixing metals in bathrooms and kitchens. When everything is the same finish, the result can be really one note. The trick to pulling off the look is to stick to two or three metals, max. And if you go with three finishes, make sure one of them is black!


sink  //  faucet  //  tile

Another tip for warming up a bathroom is putting down a large runner and incorporating woven baskets made from natural materials as much as possible. Those added layers of texture will help cozy up that sea of tile in a snap!

IMG_6008 copy

We also went with a natural woven shade (this one is from Lowes) for the windows. I like the subtle bit of black in the weave!

IMG_6037 copy

The little wooden step stool was another effort to add some warmth and contrast against the dark tile. Do you have one of these stools? We have two at our house. I spray painted one and the other I left unfinished and it’s developed a really pretty patina over time that I’m loving!

IMG_6017 copy

That gorgeous rug already belonged to my clients, but if you’re looking for something similar, click HERE!

2IMG_6009 copy

Isn’t the trough sink from Kohler so gorgeous? It might not be a great fit for every home, but it was a no-brainer for this space! This bathroom is directly off a big garage/shop area where the owners keep all their outdoor equipment they use on the breathtaking river running right outside their door. This bathroom needed to be a big, open space that acted as a hallway of sorts, as well as a hand-washing station and of course a place for their three little boys to use the bathroom. (Hello: urinal! That was one of the owner’s design contributions, but I have to admit I actually think it’s pretty cool in here!)

IMG_5995 copy

And as a final note, I’d like to go on record to say I think every hand towel for kitchen or bathrooms should always be striped! It’s the sweetest little punch of pattern and charm. These powder blue and white towels were a Homegoods find, where I like to buy almost all of my hand towels! So cheap, so cute.

IMG_6035 copy

IMG_6004 copy

Sources and get-the-look links below!

LGN Black Bathroom

Stool  //  Rug  (similar)  //  Mirror   //  Trough Sink (I suggest using with this faucet)  //  Basket  //  Sconces  //  Striped Hand towels  //  Black Subway Tile  //  Sea salt soap  //  Faux succulent and planter stand

  1. Peggi

    I love the black subway!! It reminds me of a bathroom in a great Phoenix restaurant I just saw on my winter trip to AZ. (Pomelo’s-have you heard of it? Beautiful & delicious!) BTW, so fun to read new posts!!!!

    • Jenny

      I’ve never been there, but I just added it to my list! Thanks, Peggi!

      • I can walk to it from my house…the restaurant is at The Orchard. Take your kids…they can run in the splash pad and you can have a glass of wine outside at Pomelo’s, then get ice-cream at the vintage ice-cream shop:)

  2. Shelley

    Great tips- thank you! My boys would die for that urinal!

    We also have that Ikea stool. We bought it to help out our elderly cats. I woke one night to the most awful screaming; our kitty Greta had caught her back foot in the hole in the top step and was dangling. Fortunately, after giving me a good bite on the hand for her troubles, she was fine. We double folded some happy colored duct tape and added to the underside and now it’s safe to use again. Probably not applicable to many of your readers but thought I would mention!

    • Jenny

      How sad, Shelley! Poor kitty! I hope she is okay. :)

  3. Sarah

    This is gorgeous! Do you have a link to those woven shades Jenny? Trying to find cute shades just like that for my whole house and the beautiful ones are way too expensive and the cheap ones are just that- cheap looking. I haven’t been able to find a happy medium and something that isn’t custom that won’t be ridiculously long on my windows. Cordless would be awesome as well since I have cats and kids are in the future. Not sure what color would look best with my wood floors either. I guess I’m basically asking for a bamboo shades roundup? :)

    • Susan

      I bought some Levolor Natural Shades (cordless) from Blindsaver.com last month. I had originally considered ordering them from Home Depot, but I saved about $125 per window ordering them from Blindsaver.

    • Jenny

      Hi Sarah!

      JC Penney has some good cordless options that are well reviewed. Would be worth checking those out. These ones here are from Lowes and they look really nice! They aren’t cordless though, which is a bit of a bummer. What I love best about them though is they are cut to size at Lowes so you can get a really perfect fit. It’s worth going in and seeing all the color options they have there.

      Hope that helps!

  4. Wendy

    Hi Jenny,
    I have been loving that trough sink forever, just waiting for the perfect moment to ask the hubby for permission to redo the kids bath. I think I had read somewhere once to take care choosing the faucet, to make sure to choose one that meets requirements for potable water.. Do you know anything about this? Are the faucets you chose safe for kids to drink from?

    • Jenny

      Hi Wendy!

      Yes, the faucets that Kohler sells are not recommended for using for drinking, though there is some confusion I guess? Some information indicates that it does meet the requirements, but if you have concerns about it, I linked to the recommended faucets in my round up! They look very similar! Hope that helps! :)

    • Emma Gillette

      hey, just my experience – we installed that trough sink in my kids’ bathroom five years ago, and will be replacing it with a vanity this year. As the kids have grown up, the lack of storage and counter space has become an issue. It is the coolest-looking thing, but no longer functional for us.

      • Jenny

        Yes, it’s definitely important to have plenty of other storage sources in the bathroom! It’s also a sacrifice to not have counter tops (for makeup, etc). Thanks for chiming in, Emma!

  5. Linde

    l o v e

  6. kathy

    beautiful and so grateful you are back to blogging. love your work!

    • Jenny

      Thanks Katie! So happy to be getting back at it! Blogging was my first love! :)

  7. Katie

    This looks amazing! In the future, would you be willing to do a post on mixing metal fixtures? This is something I really struggle with.

    • Jenny

      Hi Katie! I usually say three finishes max, though two is usually best. If you do three, make sure one of them is black. We are mixing finishes in our girls bathroom so I’ll be sure to talk more about the subject then! As a rule of thumb I like all the plumbing to match, but the mirror for sure should be different from the fixtures. Lighting can either match the fixtures or be on their own! :)

  8. Lauren

    LOL! As the mother of 4(!) girls I bet you never thought you’d be installing urinals!!

    • Jenny

      HA!! Too true. There was definitely a learning curve! :)

  9. Diane

    I also had to chime in to say that I check your blog every day while im doing my daily blog check ins and I get so excited whenever you have a new post these days!!!! Your style is unbelievable and I cant tell you how many of your DIYs I have put to use. Your way of sharing your thought process into every design decision you make is unbelievably helpful and appreciated. Thank you for this new post! And love this bathroom!

    • Jenny

      Thank you, Diane! That makes me feel so good! xo

  10. Sue Givens

    I love the sconce. It reminds me of the Oods from Doctor Who.

  11. The black tile is stunning. Ballsy. Bold. Sort of says “hey, look at me, but not too long or I’ll punch you in the face.” I love it!

  12. Carrie

    Beautiful! I’ve gotten so much inspiration from your blog…love that you want to get back into blogging. Waiting to see what you do with your kitchen. And we would love a house update if you have time.

  13. I have 2 of the IKEA stools. I’m tall but I still can’t reach the top of cabinets in the kitchen. Its nice that they are cute and serve a function before I used a metal step ladder. lol
    Carla B.

  14. Eva

    Reminds me of the Ministry of Magic, I love it!

  15. Dark tints a decision is always faithful, because give space mass for work, and it is ideal for bath!

  16. Evey one awesome! specially wash basin looks so good. Can I know how much prices for this bathroom marital ?

  17. Hannah

    The black tile makes me think of the Department of Mysteries in the Ministry of Magic (in Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix). Love it!

  18. Laurie

    I love the classic combination of black and white. That tile and the sink are amazing. Great tips on how to decorate, thanks for sharing!

  19. hai

    i think , it beautiful

  20. Brooke

    This bathroom is beautiful! I love how you mixed metals, it creates a more timeless look. I love all the gold/brass we are seeing now, but I feel like in 10 years those bathrooms/kitchens will scream 2016-2017. Adding texture through all the natural elements really warms up the space and gives it that layered feel.

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  24. THis bathroom looks amazing. I love the lighter gray concrete floor. Also the baskets and natural wood touches are a great contrast. I also think that using house plants as home decor for bathrooms is a great touch, adds color and keeps things natural.

  25. Anna

    Bellissimo il lavandino. Dove si può comperare?
    Le misure quali sono e i colori?
    bello bello

  26. This bathroom is beautiful! I love how you mixed metals, it creates a more timeless look. I love all the gold/brass we are seeing now, but I feel like in 10 years those bathrooms/kitchens will scream 2016-2017. Adding texture through all the natural elements really warms up the space and gives it that layered feel.

  27. tks for sharing, it is beautiful

  28. Hi! I was wondering if you might be able to share the source for this mirror (not the smaller CB2 one)? I am looking for a 4 ft mirror and I think this fits the bill! I’ll DM you on insta as well. Beautiful bath!

  29. David Chambers

    interesting ideas for the home! love these colors!
    greetings from David and Best For Your Home! https://best4yourhome.com

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  34. Anna

    Good article

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