Some Favorite Rugs


One of my favorite purchases from Lucy’s project was this amazing Taza rug from West Elm. It was soft and thick and well-made and, for this room especially, it had just the right amount of color and pattern (which is to say not too much, so that the pillows and art could be the stars of the show)!


lucy_home_remodel_004 (1)

(above photos by Julia Robbs)

I ended up ordering one for Margot’s room after we got home and have convinced a couple of friends to do the same. When I went to the West Elm site to send the link to the rug to my friend, I noticed just how many GREAT rugs West Elm has right now, and a bunch of them are 30% off (including my Taza rug!!).

Here are a few favorites I’m eyeing for some of our projects:


1  //  2

3  //  4

5  //  6

7  //  8

Have you seen any really special rugs around lately? I’m looking for a 10×14 or even bigger in a warm colorway. Tips are always welcome! :)

  1. Erin A.

    What size to you put in for Lucy’s LR? It looks larger than the 8’x10′

    • Jennette Warner

      I’m pretty sure 8×10 is the largest size West elm sells of this rug

      • Jennette

        NM. they used to have a 9×12

    • Jenny

      Yes – it’s a 9×12. They might have some in that size in store if you’re willing to call West Elm!

  2. Lisa

    Does it shed??

    • Jenny

      It does shed for the first few months but vacuuming a ton for the first few weeks helps curb the shedding! xo

  3. Amanda

    Beautiful picks! Do you have any tips for keeping a small rug in place? The kilim rug in my foyer is all over the place, even with a pad.

  4. Elisha

    Love it! I was hoping there would be a rug round up in this post :)

  5. I love the Kilim from West Elm and the colors in the Abstract Painting rug are amazing! Can’t wait to see what you choose! Happy weekend ~

  6. callie

    LOVE your braided sandals. where do you find them?

    • Jenny

      They were from Gap last summer! xo

  7. Melissa

    I love this rug but I’m hesitant to buy it because of shedding. Have you had any problems with shedding?

  8. I too have love hate relationship with rugs… especially because they are such a big investment so there is so much pressure to get it right! Things like pillows are small decor objects seem easier to buy for me because they are less expensive and easier to swap out, but rugs…oh my! I’ve had good luck calling West Elm locations to see if there is a rug that I like online being sold with a deep discount for being a store model or returned item. I think it might be tougher for the size that you are after since I imagine that they use smaller sizes for floor models, but it’s worth a shot before paying full price ;)

  9. Emily

    Jenny I’d love to know if the Taza rug sheds much? About to pull the trigger on the runner!

    • Jenny

      Hi Emily – it does shed for the first few months, but slows down pretty quickly with frequent vacuuming! Worth it if you ask me! :)

  10. Lavues

    Nice picks! It looks amazing and inspired me. Like your combination of rug and the whole space color in matching.

  11. Lately i’m totally in love with moroccan tile pattern – looks great on rug, or wall.

  12. Holly

    Was there ever info on the floating cabinet? Would love to know!

  13. Brina Hertzler

    I, too, would love info on the floating credenza…need this for my entryway. ♡

  14. I love the rug you picked for Lucy’s house – so cozy and plush, and I love the colors!

  15. Linda

    Looks great. Would like to have such a big rug.

  16. Erin

    I would love some sort of rug buying guide – I’ve read that they are not great to buy online, but I see so many that I’m interested in on One King’s Lane, for instance… I’m not sure where to find comparable rugs in brick and mortar stores, aside from the chains like West Elm… Advice? Or is there a guide already out there?

  17. Sang

    Hi Jenny! We just bought the beautiful Taza rug and love it, but I’m a little stressed because it sheds sooo much. It is all over everyone’s clothes and I keep finding tufts of fibers all around. I’m vacuuming like crazy with my Dyson, but I have to ask if the shedding ever really ends. I worry because we will be having a crawling baby in a few months and I don’t want him to turn into a furball/eat the fibers. I hate to think of parting with the rug, but priorities. Thanks for all the great posts!

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