DIY Yarn-Wrapped Sconce Cords

I bought these sconces for cheap at Urban Outfitters a few years ago. They’re super cute and look much more expensive than they really are. I had painted the cords to match the walls of our guest room back then, but I wanted to reuse the sconces in Evie’s room and the dark forest green color needed to be painted out or changed.

 photo IMG_0375.jpg
 photo IMG_0544.jpg

I’ve always loved Schoolhouse Electric’s cloth cord styles and thought I could do something similar here with just a dab of glue and a bit of colorful yarn.

 photo IMG_0444.jpg

You only need glue when you’re starting and ending, and the tighter you wrap the yarn, the better! I found it was helpful to wrap the yarn around a glue stick or a popsicle stick before wrapping the cord. It helps keep everything tight and untangled. Also, just to be safe, I didn’t wrap the cords all the way down to the plug (I left a good two feet unwrapped).

 photo IMG_1185.jpg

I love when simple projects make inexpensive finds look extra special! The project cost me nothing and I was happy to give new life to these sconces we’ve been storing for years! :)

 photo IMG_0412.jpg
  1. Sharon

    super genius. the bane of my lighting existence is those hanging cords taking away from sleek wall lights. thanks!

  2. Embracing those cords is a practical way to enjoy something unsightly. Cute Idea.

  3. I love to do this to my charging cords! All my cords for my cell phone, computer, etc are wrapped in brightly colored embroidery floss. Makes them fun and easy to tell apart.

  4. What a pretty detail. I think her room is such a perfect kid space!

  5. I have those sconces in my girls room. Doing this ASAP! Super cute!

  6. Lovely! I wonder if crocheting the cord would be as easy as I think it would be.

  7. That is SO cute! I love the little pop of color for a kid's room, and a neutral color would work in other rooms. I'm always looking for ways to disguise those ugly cords.

  8. Bec

    They look so great! I love inexpensive DIYs that look like a million bucks! Love your style. Thanks for sharing.

  9. Ann

    I really do love this, bc I hate cords – they can be so obtrusive! Love what you did here, and the color too.

  10. I love these sconces—I have two in my bedroom and was shocked at how big and heavy they were for the price! Ours too are painted to match the wall behind them, but this is good to keep in mind if we ever change our walls :)

  11. what did you paint the cord swith with?

  12. so clever. and that urban outfitters scones is pretty much the best budget sconce on the internet…i love it here!

  13. Great use of yarn! I love going through the yarn section at my local craft stores.

    Are those cases Peacock Alley? In Calypso coral? I have them in navy for my master and love them!


  14. Brilliant idea! Nice to have a change from the same old cables!

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  16. sarah

    That is so nice! This post popped out at me because I remember your other post with that gorgeous butterfly art. I must ask — where are those scalloped-edge pillow cases from??

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