Lemon Mint Water and My Soma Carafe

I’ve been trying to drink a lot more water during this pregnancy so when Soma reached out about letting me try one of their gorgeous, modern water-filtering carafes, I jumped at the chance. I’ve been so nauseated my entire pregnancy that any funny taste in my water just about sets me over the edge (I guess I should just feel lucky that my other pregnancies have been really easy, right?). The idea of super-filtered, super clean water that didn’t come from a plastic bottle sounded amazing to me.

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A few things I appreciated right away about my Soma: The filter works fast (unlike other water filter systems I’ve used in the past). Soma’s bio-degradable filters are made from coconut shells and plant resin, so I never have any of those black charcoal flakes floating around in my water. Also, the beautiful shatter-resistant glass carafe keeps the water ice-cold, and looks gorgeous in my fridge and on my dinner table.

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Soma delivers a new filter to your door every 60 days, so you never have to remember to buy a new one. The filter has been third-party tested to reduce chlorine, lead, selenium and arsenic in water. It tastes amazingly crisp and clean. I LOVE this water on its own, but I’m working on kicking a diet soda habit, so sometimes I feel like drinking something with a little flavor added.

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Recently I’ve been making citrus mint ice cubes that make it easy to choose water over soda. The ice cubes are so simple to make and I love that I’m not cutting into a new lemon every time I want a little juice in my water. I use a hand-held juicer to juice a few lemons or limes and then add one mint leaf per cube.

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Lately I’ve been throwing in a little bit of fresh peach nectar too before pouring in my filtered water. It’s SO good.
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I’m so in love with my Soma carafe and how I feel when I’m drinking more water – it’s making the days of diet soda seem like a distant memory! ;) And here’s some good news: the first 50 readers to use the code LGN15 will receive $15 off their first Soma order! I’m going to grab one or two more for holiday gifts.
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Thank you to Soma for sponsoring this post!

  1. I have heard so many great things about Soma! Since this past surgery I have been drinking sooo much water. What a special carafe to use !

    The Arts by Karena

  2. I know this might be annoying, since you're not asking for advise, but I solved my pregnancy nausea with magnesium flakes (similar to epsom salts, just higher quality). I dissolved it in water and sprayed it on my skin. I was seriously over it in two days. It makes the skin area itch a bit but I'll take that any day over the morning (all day) sickness.

  3. Angela

    Arizona water tastes so nasty, I'm glad you found something to help you get water that you will actually drink and keep you hydrated! Get a soda machine, and you could carbonate your water, and that would definitely help with the soda cravings. :)

  4. Kim

    Looks delicious! Those drinks are fully party-worthy!!! When I gave up diet soda, I started drinking iced tea. When I want fizz, I mix sparkling water with apple juice, something I grew to love when I lived in Austria.

    I am hearing good things about the Soma carafe. Very nice of them to sponsor a post and give one to you – just in time for Baby 4!! :)

  5. Van

    I love making lemon/mint water. Reduces water retention and "Gets things moving" in the morning :)

  6. I can't believe I'm just reading this! I'm addicted to diet soda (have only been having 1 or 2 this pregnancy) and have also been drinking fresca but this sounds perfect. AND I hate seeing those black flecks in our Brita that is in the fridge!

  7. Maurie

    This looks amazing! I especially like the ice cube idea…pretty and more efficient tun cutting lemons or limes each time.

  8. Karin

    This sounds delicious and so refreshing! I need to buy some limes and mint leaves, pronto! :-)

  9. Sponsored post success…. Just bought one!! :). Love that it's pretty and glass and will be so much easier than our annoyingly sloooooooooow stream of filtered water from the fridge. Plus we just got off a week long "boil water advisory" here in Mercer Island, WA (E. Coil was found in water) and so the tap water is heebing me out.

    P.S. God-speed the end of the pregnancy nausea…. It's THE WORST!!!

  10. I totally recommend Trader Joes sparkling water (orange is the best). For me, it replaced drinking a beer, but it could totally replace a diet soda!

  11. Nothing worse than that pregnancy nausea, hang in there!! Glad you found something that helps a little!

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  13. Great touch! You get to add some measure of flavor in an organic way in the water that you drink. There are a lots of means, with which we can reinvigorate water and reclaim it for its vitality before the preservatives and the nascent pollution by chemicals take hold. Thanks for sharing that!

    Verna Griffin @ AXEON Water Technologies

  14. Jenny I love you, so I hate to be a Debbie Downer; but be cautious about drinking lemon/citrus water throughout the day. The citrus weakens the tooth enamel leaving it susceptible to cavities. My dentist told me that it is awful for your teeth. It's okay if you have it once a day (and then swish with water or brush). But do not sip it constantly throughout the day. I was a lover of hot water with lemon in the morning (instead of coffee) but discontinued this. Just a health/safety FYI!

  15. Ejcoxx

    Where did you get that manual citrus juicer?! I've been looking for a glass one with holes like that forever! thanks

  16. What a clever idea! I love it and already set up one of my ice trays like this so I can try it myself. Thanks for sharing!

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