DIY Striped White and Brass Planter

I’m having a major cactus moment – I can’t get enough of them. They’re (obviously) everywhere here in Arizona, but the graphic shapes and pretty colors ranging from vibrant to soft and muted, feel so fresh and modern to me lately.

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I bought a large prickly-pear-looking succulent at Home Depot (it was more kid-friendly without the giant spines) and reached for this big brass planter after bringing it home. I have a (bad?) habit of carting pretty much anything brass sitting on a thrift store shelf. This planter was only a buck or two, but the brass was pitted and not in the best shape, so I decided to give it a little stripy makeover before potting the new succulent.

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After cleaning the brass well, I tried a few different widths of painters tape, and decided on the 1″ in the end (it fit the overall dimensions best). You can measure and make registration marks if you feel like taking the time, but I just eyeballed the first bottom stripe and then used a sort of cheater method by using another piece of tape in the empty space to keep the lines even and straight.

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For really crisp stripes, you should burnish the tape edges with your finger at least two or three good passes to make sure there’s no gapping or wrinkles in the tape. I also used a plastic bag to cover the inside of the pot, which I didn’t want painted at all.
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Two light coats of spray paint gave plenty of coverage without any drips to speak of. The drying time between coats is key!
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I love white and brass together. Such a happy combo.
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We are starting to move more furniture into the studio space this week, and the new cactus feels right at home under the calendar white boards.
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I’m surprised at how well the brass took the spray paint. I’m thinking it might be a new way to breathe fresh life into the collection of brass bowls and planters and cache pots I have stashed in cabinets and closets all over the house! Hmmm…


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  1. That's such a great idea, I've got cacti in my house and they look so pretty (and they're easy to care for)

  2. What a great idea! I love the white stripes against the shiny(?) brass. Now I'll definitely be trying this :) Thanks for sharing!
    Yuko @ northfield gate

  3. You say the drying time is key but don't tell us how long you let it dry… any suggestions?

    Thanks! Looks awesome!

  4. Jenny

    Hi Jo!

    I'd just follow the instructions on the spray paint can. Really though, just an hour or two is usually enough, especially if the coat was pretty thin.

    Hope that helps!

  5. oh I love this plant! Where did you get the dry erase boards that are on the wall behind?

  6. So simple and so classy- love this!!

  7. I'm going to have to do this to some of my thrifted candle sticks! I can't believe I didn't think of it sooner. Thanks for the inspiration!

  8. Really cute idea. I need to purge/donate some things I'm bored and then go do some thrifting soon.

  9. Such a gorgeous, simple idea! I thought you had sprayed painted it gold as well, as the brass looked so shiny against the white!

  10. That is one lucky cactus! Beautiful. I can't wait for the weather here in NY to warm up so I can get outside and spray paint. I'm dying over here.

  11. I love brass & white. Such a chic combination. Thank you so much…I had noticed the planter in another post and was totally in love with it. I figured it was a DIY and was hoping you'd share. Great job, as always.

  12. That looks great! I don't even mind the slight tarnish on the brass in tandem with the white. It really refreshes the entire piece. Yet another fabulous idea!

  13. Jenny,
    Love your studio/ office. Those plank floors are incredible, you continue to amaze me. Thanks for continuing to post!!

  14. Angie

    Gah! Those stools! So so good. I've been [wide-plank] flooring spaces in my head – I'll add striping brass to it (or DIYing those stools!) Lovely space, so glad it is coming together and grateful that you take us on your decorating journeys! Thank you Thank you!

  15. Looks great! You always have a way of getting me thinking. :)

  16. ok,love the planter, – but really really love the stool. is there a diy on that one?

  17. How cool. It looks great. I would have never thought to stripe brass.

  18. Amazing how fresh and modern it feels now! We don't have a ton of cactus options here in the midwest, but I did buy a little one with a bright yellow flower last week. I love how sculptural they feel!

    Looking forward to seeing more of the office as it comes together. I'm sure it's been really nice to have a designated space to work and close the door at night, so to speak. :)

  19. Jenny – you always amaze me with your creativity!! I will see brass pots in a whole new light!

    quick question – is your glass knot the one from west elm? i love it!

  20. ruthie

    That little blue stool is so darling! Is that a DIY?

  21. Jaylen

    Thanks for sharing. Your post is a useful coibnitutnor.

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