Happy Weekend!

It’s the weekend! What are you up to? If you were here, Evie would tell you a knock-knock joke and sing you a song from Annie, two of her specialties.

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Michael and I haven’t been home and available to really work on the house together for a couple weekends, so we are planning to do nothing but stay here and finish up projects. I am so excited! The floors are looking great and the trim is really starting to come together. I’ll have a post up on that early next week. I can’t wait to share.

Now, back to the wheelbarrow. We decided to take down the rest of the faux stone from the fireplace in the living room, just to be safe. I’ve been hauling the stone out all day and I’m officially exhausted! Jason’s coming over tomorrow to frame out the new fireplace and then I’ll start working on the trim.

Just a little sappy note – I am so happy we live in this house. It is really starting to feel like ours. We put up the door trim and a bit of baseboard yesterday and it was one of those major sigh moments. It’s all coming together. :)

  1. Sooo happy for you and your family as you're starting to feel more settled-in and home. We moved a lot when our two kids were growing up, and even since then, and I distinctly remember those moments when, for one reason or another, things just started to feel like we were "home". Great to hear that! All the reno you're doing on the house is exciting to see, too.

  2. So cute – Happy weekend to you, thanks for taking us all on your journey!

  3. So sweet! And, that is the exact color of velvet fabric I am looking for right now. Wish you could come work on my house. ;)

  4. Glad its worth all the work….rest and enjoy…then back to work!

  5. Glad its worth all the work….rest and enjoy…then back to work!

  6. I love the velvet. I can't wait to see your updates.

  7. Naz

    I've always been so impressed by your energy and hard work ethic. It's all worth it in the end once this major project is complete.

    Your little Evie is sooo adorable.

  8. Em

    congrats! and pretty sure i bought that exact velvet at jem at their going-out-of-business sale! love it!

  9. YOur move to AZ is making me want to make the move back! Love all your projects.

  10. i'm in love with that photo of little evie! Glad you're feeling good about the home you've created.

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