DIY Les Touches Memo Boards

Remember that DIY Les Touches project I posted here (and another great one here)? A reader used a Sharpie marker to recreate the classic Brunschwig and Fils snow leopard pattern on her dining room chair seat cushions. The idea came to mind as I was brainstorming an easy way to add some texture and interest to the simple cork memo board I have on my kitchen desk.

 photo aDSC_0637.jpg

Here’s how I made it…

I pulled up a photo of the fabric pattern on my laptop and started tracing out the general pattern.

 photo IMG_6060.jpg
I found it looked best to just draw vertical marks with the Sharpie.
 photo IMG_6063.jpg
I ended up not liking some of the thinner lines I started out with, so I just went right back over them with more vertical marks.
 photo IMG_6066.jpg
And I kept filling in until the spacing of the dots looked even.
 photo IMG_6071.jpg
I had two of these IKEA cork boards on hand so I think I might try doing the pattern again and maybe leave the frame the natural wood color. I think it would be a prettier contrast against the wall. My gold leaf pen would be great here too, but we’re already approaching crazy town with the black and white striped chair, so I’ll probably try to exercise a little restraint here. :)
 photo cDSC_0624.jpg
  1. Love it. Such an updated and departed look from the florally upholstered boards of the past.

  2. Love it. Such an updated and departed look from the florally upholstered boards of the past.

  3. Anna

    Jenny, do you have a source for a selection of chic thumbtacks? I have bulletin boards over my desk in my office, but I can't seem to find any pushpins that don't look like something out of a college dorm room – yuck!

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