The Coolest Built-In Bunk Beds (and DIY Brass Hardware)

Christina is one of my favorite people. She is as kind, talented and gorgeous as the day is long. The last time I was in Arizona, I swung by her new house for a little tour. I’m going to beg her to let me share everything here on LGN when she’s finished (I’ll probably have to arm wrestle the editors at Elle Decor for it – it’s SO good!).

In case you haven’t seen these yet, and since we were talking about cool bunk beds the other day, I thought I’d share the built-in bunks Christina did in her triplet sons’ room. So, so cool right? That railing is unreal.

 photo IMG_4177.jpg

One of my favorite parts of the bed is the DIY hardware Christina made by spray painting pipes! I’ve made curtain rods out of pipes before, but never oversize pulls. The brass spray paint takes them to a whole new level.

 photo IMG_4175.jpg
I love how chunky these are. Anything smaller would have been lost on the beds.
 photo IMG_4174.jpg
See what I mean by talented?!

PS Christina shared a little tour of her twin daughters’ bedroom here, back in the day. Still love that room. :)

  1. I love this!!!! Her whole house is insane. I've loved watching the entire progression. But….am I reading this right? Twin girls AND triplet boys?!? I'm tired just typing that.

  2. She def has style in spades. I can't imagine having that many kiddos, and pulling myself together each day, much less with as much panache as she does – effortlessly.
    Totally inspired!

  3. I want to move in! Those are way better than the bunk beds we had as kids.

  4. Those are so awesome, they are making me want bunk beds! And what a great idea for the hardware! I don't know how I would have time for anything close to this if I had twins and triplets!

  5. Erin

    I'm exhausted just thinking about twins and triplets, and these bunk beds are beyond…fun AND kid-appropriate AND elegant – amazing!

  6. Talk about SuperMom! I don't doubt she has her rough days just like everyone else, but twins, triplets, AND handy with power tools? I want to be her best friend :)

  7. Barbie

    I love Kristina w/Full House. She's such a style maven. I have been dying to see more photos of her house. Please do post!! Even if ED does feature her home, I'd rather see a more personal account of it from you!

  8. ashley

    this is amazing! im using that hardware idea as soon as possible.

  9. Terese

    Wow!! That looks like so much fun. So pretty too.

  10. Donna

    What a great idea for pulls! Even without the brass they are cool. Might be cute for a small towel rack also. I also kind of did a double take (or double screen scroll as the case may be) about I twins and triplets. I'm wishing her much energy :-)

  11. julia

    this is amazing. everything else that's comparable is all custom, not DIY. love, love.

  12. Dying over these bunk beds!!! Just so gorgeous!!

    xoxo PARIS BEE kids blog

  13. Christina is amazingly talented. I've been stalking her instagram for more pics of her new home but if you could arm wrestle her for more photos that would be even better ;)

  14. More like you're going to have to arm wrestle the peeps at Highlights mag. You were way to generous with your words. Promise me another date sometime soon;)

  15. Oh wait did I say highlights I meant sports illustrated swim suit addition. I just read you get in shape post;)

  16. Love love love that hardware! They look amazing on the beds:)

  17. Wow, I love the steps up rather than having a ladder! It seems so very polished, and the cut outs on the railing are a detail so many people would not consider this much but make all the difference.


  18. Tony K

    How do I go about building these bunkbeds but for only two?

    any help please on blueprints, on how I can build this on my own?

  19. Letty

    How do I go about building these bunkbeds .

    any help please on blueprints, on how I can build this on my own? Do you know where I can get blue prunts

  20. Letty

    Can you tell me hoe do I go about building these bunkbeds .

    any help please on blueprints, on how I can build this on my own? Do you know where I can get blue prunts

  21. Ourel

    thank you for bringing the idea of a fabulous loft bed design. this is truly an amazing space-saving solution.

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