Hello From AZ

Michael and I both had business trips scheduled in Arizona this month so we decided to move things around and travel together at the same time. We brought Evie along with us which declared this trip decidedly unromantic, but 100% more cute. She charmed just about every person on our flight last night, which was no easy feat since our flight was delayed twice followed by an hour of sitting on the tarmac before take off. I’m excited to give her some extra attention over the next few days. So far she’s loving room service and sleeping in a Queen bed all by herself. :)

One of the things I’m doing while we’re out here is meeting with a long-time client who has this exact vintage burlwood dining table. I’m unbelievably jealous of it. I do like having a round table, but sometimes I miss having a really, really long dining table where you can spread out a bit.

 photo Angie-Hranowsky-Royall-dining-room.jpg
Angie Hranowsky – How crazy good is that wallpaper-light fixture combo?!

Anyway, we’re going chair shopping while I’m in town. My client needs something for an event she’s hosting at her house in less than two weeks, so we’re really limited with options. Cross your fingers for us! :)

  1. I live i Phoenix and I would love to know what your shopping resources are when you're in town! And you're absolutely right- that table is GORGEOUS.

  2. I'm in Tucson–can you pop down? But seriously, great scene. Will love to see what you come up with.

  3. Hi Jenny, i enjoy all your DIY creations. i live in Gilbert, try shopping @ Cortate furniture in Gilbert, you'll love the prices!
    Another DIY fan!

  4. Can't wait to see more from Arizona. I've heard such good things about the city!

    xoxo PARIS BEE kids blog

  5. Cost plus has great knock offs of these chairs. Maybe you can find one in AZ and she can get them painted.

  6. We have that same table! It's HUGE with all of the leaves in it. My mom found it at an antiques store for $250!

  7. JennY

    The table is beautiful! I love the light fixture too. I'm positive you could figure out how to DIY that fixture and tell us how. ;)

  8. Sara

    Hi Jenny, I love your blog but for whatever reason, lately I am not able to see your photos? I'm using a Mac and I believe I have all the updates- any tips on what I can do to see the photos??


  9. Dude, Don't forget to swing by (read:raid) Last Chance. So jealous!

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