Chalkboard Markers on Picture Frames

How great is this living room of one of my readers, Linda?

 photo LShukla_1.jpg

She wrote to me:  “I recently spied my old chalk board markers and randomly decided to draw on the glass of a couple picture frames.  It ended up being super fun and I liked the look (a bit irreverent), so thought I would share with you.  It’s so simple and something your girls might enjoy for personalizing existing framed pictures.  And it wipes right off with a damp paper towel.”

 photo LShukla_2.jpg
I love this! It is endlessly exciting for me to see the creative ideas you guys come up with. Sometimes the blog world can feel a little stale and your submissions are like a breath of fresh air in my inbox! :) If you’d like to share one of your ideas, feel free to email me.
And for kicks, here are just a few more photos of Linda’s pretty living room. Man, I’m so loving dark wall color, always and forever.

 photo LShukla_3.jpg
 photo LShukla_4.jpg
 photo LShukla_6.jpg

 photo LShukla_5.jpg
  1. Does Linda have a blog that we could enjoy? Already I love what I see here:)

  2. How fun! I think I might try the markers on my frames too. Love it!

  3. Angie

    Beautiful space Linda – and a great idea! Thanks for sharing Jenny and Linda!

  4. In high school I used to write and draw all over my bedroom mirror.

  5. Love the mid mod chair with the parsons desk!


  6. Erin

    Great job, Linda! And can I tell you how much I am in love with dark wall colors right now? My husband and I repainted our bedroom in a deep greyish taupe last year, with a crisp white ceiling and white curtains and blue and orange accents, and I fall in love with it again every morning when I see it in the sunshine. Not to mention how cozy it is at night. Love!

  7. Liz

    Simple and brilliant at the same time.

  8. this is so neat! love it. and i'm dying for a little bar like that :)

  9. I am always amazed at the interiors laypeople (so, people who are not artists or interior designers!) can pull off! This gal needs a house tour :) Looks so cosy and fun.

  10. Hannah

    I love that collection of vases on the shelf. So great!

  11. Really cute, fun idea. Thanks for sharing it with LGN, Linda! Your room is also really well done. Looks comfy and elegant – a great combo.

  12. Angela

    Gorgeous home! Sometimes blog world does feel a bit stale and it's always nice to have 50 tabs open with new inspiring ideas to look at!

  13. I like this idea..great post. WHERE oh where did Linda's cool sofa come from?

  14. G

    I want to see the rest of the house!

  15. kh

    You're right–that wall color is fantastic! Really gorgeous.

  16. What a totally fun idea!!!! Fun for the whole family . . . and YES her house is AMAZING!

  17. Jo

    Love the dark wall colors as well! Also love her daybed…any info on where she got this daybed from??

  18. Thanks so much for all of the wonderful comments! Having my room featured on LGN MADE MY YEAR! The daybed is the Jonathan Adler lampert lounger =)

  19. That workspace is beautiful!!!!!!!!!

  20. So awesome! What a great and super easy idea! Thanks so much for sharing with us, Jenny.

  21. I would love to know what color Linda's paint is! Please, oh please share!

  22. Can you please ask Linda to list the source on that bar cart? It's gorgeous!

  23. ash

    yes, please share the wall color. BEAUTIFUL HOME.

  24. Love the chalkboard markers on the dog photos! Clever :)

  25. LeeLee

    Such a great idea for the space.

  26. Amber

    Yes… Must know where the bar cart is from!

  27. awesome,
    I SO want to see the rest of her house.

  28. So is the wall color forthcoming? I have never known you to hold back. Thanks. You are always so lovely about that.

  29. The paint color is Evening Hush (770F-6) by Behr; I bought the bar cart a number of years ago and can't remember where I got it. thanks again for the wonderful comments!

  30. i love the bar cart! where can i find that??

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