Reader DIY: Linen Upholstered Rast

Just try and show me a piece of IKEA furniture that’s been hacked more than the $35 Rast dresser and I’d say you were lying. :) There are SO SO MANY hacks and I think for good reason – it’s a cheap and super versatile piece! And the Rast is the perfect small-bedroom-bedside-table size.

Kelly from Hello Boudreux was inspired by this Martha Stewart tutorial and wrapped her Rast dresser in a lovely charcoal gray linen.

Kelly gives a great step by step here. And I’m crazy for the results:

Have you done any Rast hacks of your own? We’re in need of some smallish nightstands with storage, so I’m thinking of coming up with another Rast project myself.

Thanks for sharing, Kelly!

If you have a project you’d like to see on LGN, feel free to email your submission here. Thanks!

  1. bwash

    I LOVE the linen she used!! Any idea where it's from?

  2. Stacy

    Really lovely! I recently did a Rast hack inspired by the Bernhardt Cabrillo Nailhead Chest. I had to go to every JoAnn's Fabrics in four counties to find nailheads with the right brass finish (somehow the finishes varied even among the same product number), and it's not perfect, but I just try not to look at it too closely! But armed with a drill and a template, it went pretty quickly.

  3. Melissa

    Jenny, your posts are always so inspiring to me. Thanks for sharing your talents and creativity ,and for encouraging us all to make the world around us a little more lovely, one DIY at a time. :)

  4. Ann

    Amazingly creative reader! Beautiful addition to a very clearly pretty bedroom!

  5. Grace

    Awesome!!! Seems like this may be a better option than painting? So inspiring. Charcoal linen + nailheads = genius….

  6. Um, I need this in my life…like this weekend. Off to check out her site now.

  7. That turned out great! It looks like a really expensive piece of furniture.

    I've always been happy with my nightstand, but every time I see one of these Rast hacks I'm tempted to send it off to Goodwill and start my own Rast hack.

  8. LindsB

    I need this in my apartment, I think its time to give my nightstand an upgrade and this is just the thing I need!

  9. Sara

    This is great! I think this is my favorite Rast hack!

  10. Always great to see a hack! I am always reimagining old furniture but I always forget that I can do it with new furniture! For some reason I seem to take new stuff at face value. Great idea!

  11. Wow! I just posted about two hacks I did for the Rast, but this blows them away. It looks amazing.

  12. Wow! That's so gorgeous! I want to try it..

  13. I love all the RAST hacks. I bought one before I saw all the hacks. I'm planning my own hack.

  14. I love this nightstand! It looks so expensive! I cannot believe it came form IKEA. Brilliant!

  15. Love this dresser! I feel like fabric covering everything I will be buying for my new home!

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