Chalkboard Kids Table

We’ve had a framed chalkboard in the girls’ room for years (I showed the project here). They loved it a lot, but there wasn’t really a good place for the frame in the new room at the brownstone, so we figured out a new way to have a chalkboard in the room.

Here’s what the board and table (which I picked up at Homegoods a long time ago) used to look like in the loft. The table looked okay from the side but top was pretty trashed from years of arts and crafts. It was time for a makeover for sure. Plus, I thought the wood table on wood floor look would not be so cute.

I cleaned and hand-sanded the table down to smooth out the worst of the surface bumps.


Then I rolled out about three or four coats of chalkboard paint. The nice thing about this paint is it dries very fast – which makes it super easy to work with.

I paired the table with chairs found here and here. We keep the chalk sticks in a neon pink acrylic box I picked up at the flea market. I bought the rug at the Madeline Weinrib sample sale in the ABC clearance basement (I think they just had another sale, actually and I’m sad I missed it! Might be worth a call to see if they have any left-overs…)
We’ve been using the chalkboard table for a few weeks and it’s actually working better than I expected even. I think part of that reason is my older girls are able to wipe it down themselves if they want a chalk-free surface. I was also a little concerned that chalk dust would get everywhere, but I haven’t noticed any. Success!


PS There’s another chalkboard project in my future. So, so excited!
  1. Love it! Is the whole table (including base) painted with chalkboard paint?

  2. lovely idea! And I love that little pink chair x

  3. Love chalkboard paint projects! Thanks so much for sharing!
    House on the Way

  4. this a wonderful idea! i'm not going to lie…i'd probably love having a chalkboard adult's table too!

  5. Juliet

    What brand of chalkboard paint did you use?

  6. So cute! I just (literally) got bought some chalkboard paint for my girls little table (also trashed from years of arts and crafts!)
    You rock my world, lol.

  7. I have a wonderful little table and chair that have been in the family for 50 years. I'm thinking a chalkboard top with a fun base color to the match the chair would be adorable. Also I'm hoping to reupholster the chair in a fun color of Xorel, easy to clean but bright and pretty as well. Thanks for the inspiration!!!

  8. Anonymous

    Where is the blue and yellow rug from in their old room? It is great!

  9. I'm curious if the pocket shutters work. Our old apartment had them and we used them all the time. Unfortunately they were heavily covered in paint on one side and never refinished. They worked great but it's a shame they weren't prettier!

  10. Jenny,

    This a wonderful way to use chalkboard paint. I also like how you use different chairs.

    Have a wonderful weekend,

  11. Sarah

    that would be a cute idea for a regular table that might have bee thrifted for adults!

  12. Jenny, I just caught up on your last few posts. It cracks me up because what you call a little tweak around your house looks like a magazine-worthy shot to me! Seriously, you are so great at what you do! I just pinned a bunch of stuff… you are so inspiring! Keep up the good work : )

  13. Jenny,

    You are a design queen. I SO look forward to each and every post you write and especially/most of all to the peeks inside your creative home.

    I must ask, where on EARTH did you get that amazing, large scale flower artwork hanging above the chalkboard table?! I am completely in love with it.

  14. SMD


    Where is the artwork from?? It's amazing!

    xx Lauren

  15. Ever since the post on the Warhol print I have been waiting for the details on the chalkboard table. So love this idea, but also assumed chalk dust would be a nightmare. Great to hear it isn't!

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  23. Amir Najam Sethit

    Nice idea. I like it.. After reading your blog i thought that i also planned for making Chalkboard Table for my darling baby.

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