More Sharpie Les Touches

The lovely and talented Caitlin emailed to say she was inspired by this old post and took a sharpie to her IKEA slipcovers.

Talk about bang for your buck! And I’m really liking the more open pattern she went with here. It’s a little more subtle. (also much easier to pull off!)

The rest of her home is so lovely. Check out her full house tour here.
PS Caitlin mentioned she has a new color in her Deco pillow line – mint. So pretty!
  1. @Fine and Dandy,

    These are totally water-proof and washable! No issue with the ink running at all.


  2. Yep– that's amazing. This pattern is so lovely and really does seem like an easy DIY! Thanks so much for sharing!

  3. Emily

    I love this idea! Such an easy DIY. I'd be too scared to mess it up.. I'd have to find some really unexpensive chairs to try it out on first.

    P.S. Love the mint and bright pink color combo!!

  4. Angela N

    LOVE this!! I have a couple of extra covers for my Ikea chairs I found in the AS IS section for super cheap. Might have to try this! I wonder if it would come off on clothes though.

  5. the chair looks amazing :) i'm in love with it!

  6. Jenny

    @Fine and Dandy,

    These are totally water-proof and washable! No issue with the ink running at all.


  7. Kelli

    I was also wondering about wash-ability or the permanent marker eventually wearing off. Thanks for the update, Jenny. I would be interested to even see the open dot pattern in a color. I wonder if you could do this with sofa pillows… Thanks again!

  8. Great feature! I love her style. She's also made me realize I really need a chalkboard wall in my house!

  9. Oh wow, this looks amazing! Thanks for this great feature.

  10. i wonder how emily's dining room chairs seats re holding up since they are vinyl rather than woven fabric-

    john in nc

  11. What a wonderful idea, the chairs look so good!

  12. I too share the same chairs / white slip covers and a love for Les Touches. I might have to do this too! Thanks for the post Jenny!

  13. LOVE THIS- and I like the idea the other commenter said about it on a drum shade- brilliant and not too much commitment!

  14. Ashley

    That is such a brilliant idea!

  15. I have been known to paint, draw are do whatever to make a piece fabulous. Good job. This post has inspired me to do a post on my blog Lovely Diggs.

  16. This is a great play on that pattern. It also reminds me of that Curious George story where he paints all the furniture covers to look like animals, and that makes me smile : )

  17. Avalyn

    I have one of these chairs and I've been thinking about coloring it or painting it with fabric paint. TBH I think the Sharpie dots look like… Sharpie dots. It's not doing it for me, but to each his own, right? I have some gold fabric paint, maybe I'll do chevron stripes on my chair and see how it turns out… who knows. It's still an IKEA chair. Haha.

  18. -amy

    I was looking for a fabric like this for ages. I was asking for an Appaloosa print. Now I realize that I can make it myself, with the scale exactly the way I want it!

    I can't wait to see how it looks on the back of my Louis chairs!

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