Reader DIY: Animal Bookends and Brass Figurines

Ooh! I love this Reader DIY from the adorable and talented Cassie at Hi Sugarplum!

Cassie figured out a really inexpensive way to make cute book ends and brass-looking table top accessories (HERE and HERE).

She picked up random little toys and figurines from thrift stores, hobby shops and the dollar bin at Target and spray painted them!
She super glued the painted figurines to flat rocks and made really cool, unique bookends.
Cassie did a similar project using (my go-to) Rustoleum in Brass from their metallics line.
PS Their gold color has way too much pink in it, but the brass is a lovely bright yellow. It really looks like brass, right? I’m thinking a trip to the Homegoods clearance section is in order!!
Cassie spent less than $5 on each of these. Little projects like this that cost almost nothing are so great. It’s a nice way to get a fun look that you don’t have to commit to. If she wants to change these out for something else later, there’s no reason to feel bad. I love it.
Thanks for sharing, Cassie!

If you have a DIY project you’d like to submit, please email jenny (at) jennykomenda (dot) com.

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  1. Amelia

    You really have the best readers and the DIY's are totally charming!

  2. Aww!! What a cute lil elephant!! So simple!!?!?!!!

  3. Laurie

    Great DIY. It does make it easy to change things up.

  4. I love this idea! I feel like heading to Toys R' Us to pick up some plastic animals today after work!

  5. This is so cool and such an affordable way to add interesting accessories.

  6. LindsB

    Such a cute idea! As if I need another reason to bring more elephants in my house, but I think this is a good excuse :)

  7. Lauren

    haha i love those! they make me smile ; )

  8. What a great idea. And thanks for noting that the gold has too much pink in it; it's much appreciated.

  9. this is great, i'm off to find an elephant, for some reason i'm obsessing over elephants right now!

  10. I have a few little trinkets like this I got from my grandmother's house, but I have not decided on a color. I like the brass a lot… maybe I will try that!

  11. i bought a gray elephant from a thrift store almost a year ago and just got around to painting him last weekend! i choose white but maybe someday i'll go back and give him a pop of color!

  12. JoJo

    Thank you so much for sharing this! I picked up those plastic animals out of the $1 bin (technically $2.50) from Target last year just for a good laugh but had no use for them. Now, I do!

  13. What!? This is freaking awesome!!! I am so going to try this

  14. becky

    This is a really good idea and it could open a lot of decorator options for lots of plastic…cheap looking items. There's a lot of things that could look fabulous.

  15. Morgan

    This is such an interesting and innovative idea! I can really appreicate the whimsical feel the elephants give to the room and better yet, its a DIY project!

  16. Barb

    Found you (well this project anyway) on Pinterest. So amazing. Love it!

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