Oil Slick Lamp

I have a thing for old, quirky lamps. Great-looking new lamps are so expensive and vintage lamps are usually crazy cheap and way cooler, so I opt for the latter in my life. Sometimes they need a $10 rewiring job and 99% of the time I’ll want/need to replace the shade, but I still think vintage is the way to go.

I found this lamp with the rainbow glaze at Junk in Williamsburg. I actually saw it there a couple times and passed it up. But the more times I saw it, the more I needed it. I think it was $20? The funny thing was as soon as I carried that lamp out of the store, a dozen people asked me where I got it. #winning. Even the hipster guy at the shade store asked me if I would sell it to him. But, it was just too perfect for Joanna’s room.
The cool shade guy helped me choose this black semi-transparent organza shade. Feels so edgy, right? We used a clear Edison bulb in there since you can see through the shade.
PS I kept thinking the lamp reminded me of something and the other day I realized it was the art in the Ruffalo’s bedroom from Domino back in the day. Such a great room:
PS How to line the inside of drum shades with metallic paper.
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  1. Polly

    really lovely lamp! Simple yet stylish. Just liked your facebook page :) x

  2. Laurie

    great looking. the shade is perfect!

  3. Andrea

    Love the funky lamp. I too have an obsession with vintage lamps. When I find one, I have to bring it home with me!

  4. Anonymous

    That is a really cool result but maybe you could do a post about lampshades one day…it seems you can get a used lamp at a decent price but then you add the cost of a new shade to it and it becomes exorbitant. Maybe you have some tricks on finding that perfect shade for a reasonable amount?

  5. Jenny

    Hi Anon!

    I bought this shade at Just Shades here in NYC. They have some of their stuff available online too. (http://www.justshadesny.com/), but there are TONS of great shade stores online to search through for great pricing. Also every city will have at least one or two decent shade stores.

    I would say a really great new shade will run you between $40 and $120. Any new lamp I like well enough will cost me at least $300, so I'm still in the black as they say.

    I buy almost all my shades at Gracious Home or Just Shades. I used to buy a lot of shades from Target, but I wish they used harps more. I can't stand uno fittings! They make for a crooked shade every time.

    Lamps Plus is a good resource for nice, basic drum and empire shades priced at around $30-$50.

    Hope that helps!!


  6. That lamp is fantastic. I think finding items like that is one of the most exciting thing about decorating.

  7. Sonya

    That is such a cool lamp and so inspiring! I agree on the Target shades- they would be an awesome source but I never buy them anymore because it's so frustrating fitting them on a lamp without a harp.

  8. sarah

    wow—i wish we had cool antique stores and junk stores to find such awesome things. i adore that lamp.

  9. Ceri

    Great lamp! And the bedroom is gorgeous!

  10. What a wonderful find, and I agree vintage lamps just have more personality.
    I have found, albeit plain, shades at Lowe's and Target is ticking me off with carrying only harpless shades ;)

    P.S. I like you.:)

  11. love that lamp, now the question is where can I find something similar?!

  12. AFC

    I'd love some advice on where to shop for unusual and interesting lampshades. I'd love to add something different to a simple lamp and I don't know where to look.

  13. I agree, vintage lamps are the way to go! I have many in my home and they have so much more personality than the run of the mill stuff. This one is so pretty, it reminds me of a rainbow.

  14. Nuha

    oh my god…that lamp is insane! it was meant for you (..and joanna hah!)

  15. I love the lamp. Nice blogg you have. love.

  16. Kelly McDonnell

    Wow. Love it. I too would love a lamp shade post. I find great lamps all the time but don't have the confidence/knowledge of how to pick a shade. Shade size in correspondence to base size? All older lamps seem to have that dated bell shape shade. So do you just put a drum shaped shade to update? Is drum shape shade appropriate for all base types? See Jenny, a tutorial on lamp shades is needed. :) Please help.

    Headed to FB to friend you.

  17. Renee

    That is the most amazing lamp ever. You really came across a total gem!

  18. Holy cow what a gorgeous lamp – can't believe you can get something so chic for $20! You are inspiring me to dig around more at tag sales and flea markets. Hope you have a great weekend, Cynthia

  19. Hi Jenny! Joanna's whole room is so great, but I really love that lamp. I went on a service trip to Oaxaca, Mexico years ago and while we were there we visited some of the families that make pottery from this indigenous black clay there. It had sort of an iridescent sheen to it, though I remember it having more of a flat finish. I'm wondering if your lamp is the same pottery but with a glossy glaze? Anyway, it's so cool! Thanks for sharing!

  20. Jenny

    Pam!! I love that story!! Wouldn't that be amazing if these lamps were from the same place? Crazy thought!


  21. Kelley

    I never would have considered that lamp if I saw it in a store, but it looks GREAT on the dresser! Especially with that awesome shade.

  22. those lamps are my favorite part of joanna's new room! they are showstoppers for sure!

    always love your work.

  23. mom23

    cool lamp…that shade is dead on! awesome!

  24. Love vintage as well. I liked your Facebook page. Like be back? New to the blogging world.

  25. Hi Jenny,
    I love your blog!! Especially this lamp, I totally love vintage lamps and revamping, its so much fun!
    Will definatly start following and get onto your facebook page too!
    Thanks for the inspiration!!
    Jules d+o xo

  26. Morgan

    Oh I love this room! I hope you'll share your wonderful frame source (ebay? all thrift? custom?) and in hopes that you will I will Like you in return!

    I have been admiring your wall collage since you first posted it :).

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