Beni Ourain Moroccan Rugs

Beni Ourain rugs are everywhere these days. They’re so soft and so pretty and they have this really great organic vibe since all of the patterns are unique and not usually perfectly geometric. They can cost an arm and a leg (even on eBay), but lucky for some of us, West Elm has come to the rescue with a very affordable version for sale here. We’re using this one in a client’s nursery and I think it will be perfect. Cozy but still sophisticated (which sounds great to me for a nursery).

It wasn’t quite in the budget, but I also loved this honeycomb pattern from Clayton Gray Home. The really nice thing about this one and the West Elm reproduction rugs is they come in standard sizes. The traditional Moroccan rugs, while amazing little works of art in their own right, are often smaller and longer than what our rooms usually need. So unless you’re layering the rug over a large seagrass or sisal, it feels a little impractical to pay $7k for a tiny rug.
They sure are gorgeous though…
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Jonathan Adler
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Palmer Weiss
Pottery Barn also made a Beni reproduction a few years back called the Tangiers rug. It sometimes shows up on Craigslist and eBay. I used it in Joanna’s living room here.
  1. Laurie

    Great rugs and lasting addition to any room.

  2. It really is a great rug, that honeycomb version from Clayton Gray is so pretty – that is one version I hadn't seen before!

  3. I love Beni rugs and someday will own a real one! I remember the room you designed for Joanna so well. In fact you inspired me to go onto ebay and buy one of those Tangiers rugs! (It was featured in my DS Sneak Peak.) So thank you :)

    There are so many gorgeous, affordable flatweaves out there, but you can beat a plush rug.

  4. I've always wondered what those are called! I've also noticed the new trend with tassels just on the corners of the rugs or just sparse tassels. I'm guessing the inspiration was drawn from these rugs! Thanks for sharing!

  5. I love these rugs and the room from Trad Home is perfection!! They are definitely statement makers ~

  6. Nancy

    I love these rugs… Seems to be the current THING..can't afford it though, so that gets depressing… More look-a-likes will show up soon.
    Layering rugs is fantastic!


  7. LOVE the rugs…..always hoping a great big real one falls out of the sky one day.

    I'll keep waiting.

  8. mikky

    These do look crazy soft! I`d love to scrunch my toes in them, but I don`t think the staff at west elm would like that very much teeheee…


  9. Sara

    Beautiful!! Great info!

  10. Oh these look amazing!! Love the designs!

  11. I'm loving them all! Perfect for any space!

  12. Ali EL Hajji


    Great post. My name is Ali, I am from Morocco and the business owner of The Moroccan Roon. We specialize in the Beni Ourain Rugs which I hand-select in Morocco. Our rugs are soft, plush, hand-woven in the 1960's &1970's from organic sheep wool in the High-Atlas Mountains of Morocco. They are chic, great under foot and a staple items for high-end designers.
    Please feel free to contact me at for more info and pictures of our new & exciting collection.



  13. boops

    I always learn something new from you. Thanks!

  14. Absolutely gorgeous and soft! makes me want to rub my feet on them, hehe.

  15. The rugs are lovely. Excellent taste. Happy New Year!

  16. Love these rugs. I already had the West Elm version on my wishlist, though I just noticed that the price for the 8×10 has jumped from $699 to $899 in past few days…I wonder why that is.

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