Yellow Door

This photo is a few months old now. The pink and black shelves have been styled and restyled a few times (sometimes by me, but mostly by Evie) and the Gossip Girl sconces have been put up (post to come!). I also changed out the door knob. I’m hoping this week I’ll get to adding moulding to the door and then painting it. I’m sort of leaning toward yellow, but the jury’s still out.

I picked up a quart today of this pretty color by Glidden called Spicy Banana Pepper. It’s a happy and bright yellow with a hint of green – not quite chartreuse.

Here are some inspiration photos. I like how the yellow pops in a room with lots of white, of which I have an abundance in my loft:

  1. Yes! It reminds me of the man in the yellow hat from "Curious George!" I love it!

  2. These doors look amazing and I bet the combination of the pinky-coral shelves and greeny-yellow would look great! I've been considering painting my front door charcoal grey with light grey walls but that seems rather boring compared to this. :)

  3. I love colorful doors and I think the yellow is a good choosing.

  4. Alyson

    Love it. I am thinking of painting my front door yellow but haven't taken the plunge….maybe this summer.

  5. I recently told my husband that I wanted to paint our really old, ugly door yellow and he agreed. I haven't gotten the guts to do it yet, but this may help.

  6. Dying for an "after" now!

  7. Wow, I love this idea! That shade of yellow is perfect!!

  8. I like the yellow too, like the pic from Elle where other bright colors are used too, last pic is great – the bedroom is really inviting

  9. Yummy! You are making me reconsider my door colors over here!

  10. Yummy! You are making me reconsider my door colors over here!

  11. Yummy! You are making me reconsider my door colors over here!

  12. Love that yellow! Can't wait to see the after and your sconces! I am needing to paint the outside of my front door. Still trying to pick the perfect color. Maybe now I'll be a little more ballsy!!!

  13. sarah

    hmm…love the yellow…you'll have to add some yellow to your shelving to tie it all together.

  14. that image from elle decor is fabulous inspiration. looking forward to seeing how it all comes together.

  15. After we paint our house I can't wait to have a bright yellow door!!

  16. I just pinned the elle decor photo! fabulous! ~Melissa

  17. Great idea! I see from your inspiration pics that all but one of the yellow doors has mouldings on it. Would you consider dressing it up a bit to add textural interest?

  18. Avalyn

    I love the brighter yellow doors. If you paint your door yellow PLEASE get new hardware instead of that brassy gold doorknob. Black/dark metal or brushed silver IMO.

  19. yes, paint it spicy banana pepper, for us.

    love the blackened bronze hardware, too!

  20. kh

    LOVE! Can't wait to see it.

  21. OOooooh! We've been making plans to paint our front entry door in Martha Stewart's Pencil Yellow. Check it out right here.

  22. Cannot wait to see your yellow door. Yellow is my favourite colour, and occasionally I'm tempted to lacquer various surfaces with it. I have a Platner chair with bright yellow cushions on order so that will have do do me for the meantime, but I would love a door somewhere.

  23. autumn

    what a HAPPY color! as soon as i get out of this rental house, i swear i would love to paint my front door a pretty yellow. i SO love every picture you posted. happy, happy.

  24. WOW! Love all the inspiration. I'm definitely feeling inspired! We painted one wall in our dining room a very similar color. We loved how it turned out. Thinking about painting our "new" claw foot tub the same color.

  25. i LOVE that yellow… with the hint of green, it's spot on!

  26. JTay

    Love this!
    I am seriously toying with the idea of painting all the doors in the house we'll build – keeping the wall colours neutral and then doing a dark navy or charcoal on the doors.
    I really want to take the old wooden panelled doors from the old farmhouse and reuse them in our new one… This is totally selling me on the idea!

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  28. Love the yellow door idea. Yellow is my happy color – in fact I posted about that on Monday and used that second image.

    Can't wait to see the finished product!

  29. Jaclyn

    This is amazing! First of all, I love yellow so I'm already obsessed with this door, but more importantly, the whole project is such a great idea! I love how simple, but polished it looks.

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