Colorful Modern Art

You’ve probably seen that poster that says “Modern Art = I could do that + Yeah, but you didn’t.” DIY versions of modern art are harder to pull off than they might seem. Something tells me that trying a design like these below would be a little more doable, especially if your math skills are better than you brush work.

Pure Green Living Magazine

Elle Decor, via Anne Sage

P.S. Notice how these modern pieces are paired with more traditional/antique furniture and rugs. It’s the mix that will make your friends wonder how much you paid for that lovely piece of art. It would not be a good idea to put art like this in a room full of IKEA furniture.
  1. WOW! Now that's art! Thanks for the tip on how to pair furniture!!! Ur the best!!


  2. Love the mix of modern with traditional. That collected look is so liveable. Great pics! Thanks for sharing.

  3. I too love the mix of the modern abstracts with the more traditional furnishings.

  4. Andrea

    Love the mix of styles. Great tip.

  5. Amanda

    Agreed! I try once it didn't go well :(

  6. I love those pieces, and I think they work well with the more traditional furniture because they are well balanced. The toughest modern art to work with are the pieces that are not balanced in color.

  7. Totally doable- and great tip about the mixing of styles- thats totally what makes it work! Great inspiration for simple DIY design!

  8. Maddie

    I was at the Chicago Art Institute this weekend and saw a great modernist painting (by Joan Mitchell) that I really wanted to recreate for my place. It'd be tough, but this post is great inspiration!

  9. love the colors in the first one! i've definitely had those "i could make that" moments before!

  10. I wish I had the skills to pull this off but I think my version would just look like a craft project gone wrong.

  11. The first one is my favorite and would be great in a kids room too!

  12. Good job on pointing out the key is to mix it with more traditional pieces. Great art!

  13. funny- that second one is in my reference file called "art you can make?"

    I totally agree about placement and what home-made modern art can work with, and also think you need to limit it to one piece per room/living space.

  14. I completely love the way a piece of modern art can update a traditional interior – and give it panache!

  15. This is the first time that I have really identified with modern art, so thanks for the post. My house is full of antiques and I love how the modern is "mashed" so well with the antiques.

  16. Hana

    yes yes! i've been thinking about making my own piece too. love the images! xo

  17. Brandi

    I always think I could do that when I see stuff like this. I have a folder on pinterest of art that I like. I know some talented people so I think with a little tutoring I totally could!

  18. Did you notice the books on the table on the second image are colour coordinated to the artwork to bring a sense of completion to the look – love the second image – though my mind would make me study it for hours to work out the repeat.

  19. Anonymous

    i was just sitting here thinking about that geometric diamond-y looking piece of art….and YESTERDAY i was in lowes staring at the paint swatches like i was lost, and i thought about this post. wouldnt it be AWSOME to try and recreate that piece by using paint swatches cut into geometric shapes, and you could use any colors that you wanted!! i totally think im going to try this, on a small scale first to test it out!!

    thanks for the inspiration!!

  20. Shawna

    "It's the mix that will make your friends wonder how much you paid for that lovely piece of art. It would not be a good idea to put art like this in a room full of IKEA furniture."

    Very insightful.

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