Home Goods Rescues Me Again…

It’s probably been a week or so since I’ve sung my praises of Home Goods. High time for another post, I say!

Remember this pretty console/bar that made the blog rounds? I couldn’t remember all the places that sell it, but Maison Luxe used to (says Cassandra). Price is $775. Sort of expensive, but a total show-stopper, I think.

Guess what I picked up for a client this week at Home Goods? $149, baby!

Just a little white paint and a steady hand (or some painters tape), and I think we just saved $700. I have plans to mirror the shelves too.

  1. Katie

    Wow, great find! Home Goods Never ceases to amaze me in all that they have for such awesome prices! Too bad I don't live anywhere near one, boo!

  2. A very good find! I'm wondering if you will also mirror the shelves?

  3. Beautiful! It cracks me up how excited I am for you…. lol Can't wait to see the final project.

  4. Gorgeous! I actually like the slightly thicker legs better than the original. Please oh please show us the photos when you're done! I have a pair of very similar looking hand-me-down end tables that really need a new finish and I haven't been able to decide what to do with them!

  5. Anonymous

    What do do with your Home Goods finds (especially the damaged or ugly color items) is nothing short of amazing. Happy Thanksgiving. Enjoy it in your new home!

  6. Brandi

    What a score! I would love to see it finished!

  7. Bekah:

    Either our home goods have the exact same things ( I go weekly!) or you are in Arizona!

  8. Jenny,
    Do tell what Homegoods are you going to in the city? Please do not tell me the one in Chelsea on Ave. of Americas? I never find A N Y T H I N G in there half as good as this… Brava!

  9. I have totally neglected Home Goods lately! I am in a place where I'm REALLY needing to redecorate…or, actually DECORATE … our loft has barely been unpacked since we moved in in April. I am glad to have discovered your blog…looks like lots of great tips/tricks/ideas!!!


  10. Great find! Good reminder for me to check out Home Goods more often.

  11. Good eye!!!
    Have you been watching Nate, or has he been watching you :)

  12. Ashley

    Love it! Great find. I say mirror the shelves too! That wouldn't be too much extra. You can go to Lowe's and have the mirror's cut to size!

  13. I'm from Canada and we have Homesense (same company). I'm obsessed with this store and have found so many great finds.

    I just posted a before and after of some vintage chairs…love to get your feedback :-)


  14. i LOVE home goods, it saved me with my new apt too! that table is fab:)

  15. Anonymous

    Mirrors!! Mirrors!

  16. Three Cheers for the HG!
    Just came from there and snagged an adorable patchwork ikat ottom/pouf/footstool, totally worthy of ABC Home for a sing-song!
    Can't wait to see the finished piece.
    Cheers, Alcira


  17. Mrs. B

    Home Goods is THE BEST! I could spend the whole day there.

  18. Love it!! Don't you just love a good find, it makes me so happy:)

  19. I just got a pair of urns at Homegoods $ 22 – and they look like the most expensive thing in my living room!

  20. OMG that is exactly what I'm looking for for to hold my bar! Do all Home Goods carry the same stuff or is is different, I've never been?

  21. Angela

    What a nice piece of furniture. I visited a Home Goods store in another city a few months ago, but unfortunately we don't have one in my part of the world.

  22. Gina

    Jenny please post pics of what your doing in your new place! Im dying to see what you and that creative brain of yours have been doing in that gorgeous NYC loft!

  23. Huge score!!! Can't wait until you put you touch to it!!

  24. Great find! I love it when that happens.

  25. Jerith Bailey

    The original table is manufactured by Global Views (to the trade), and the wholesale cost for designers is much less. The original is worth the money, delicate and masculine all at the same time.

  26. Such a great find! I'm still trying to find the perfect bar for our home, I think I'll make a stop at Home Goods tonight.

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