What are your favorite Apps?

Having an iPhone makes my crazy life a little more manageable. I’m photographing, emailing, buying, mapping, blogging and tweeting on the run.

It is fun to read articles about the best apps, and I liked this one from House Beautiful about the best apps for a decorator. Here are some of their picks:

Ben Color Capture is a free app that matches a color in an image or one of your own photos to a Benjamin Moore paint color. It can show you the whole paint strip or even give you some complimentary colors.

ColorChange uses your photo to “paint” the walls, floors, ceiling, or trim any color you can imagine. ($2.99)

House Plant 411 is an encyclopedia of plants with dozens of care instructions, tips, and remedies. You can even email a photo of your plant for a private response. I have the most serious black thumb, so this one is definitely on my list. ($4.99)

iHandy Carpenter is a level, a touch-sensitive protractor and a ruler. Perfect for plotting gallery walls or measuring a fabric repeat on the go. ($1.99)

You know about Pandora, I’m sure. It’s awesome and makes a long day of running errands in the car fun for me and the girls. (Free)

Do you use mint.com for your financial tracking? We do and we love it. It is really helpful and seriously, an amazing tool for keeping tabs on all your accounts. The app is free.

RedLaser is like your own personal price checker. Don’t you hate it when you find something at Target (where it almost always happens for me) and the price sign is no where in sight? You can use your phone to scan the bar code and get the price! It also tells you the price of the same item at other stores! So cool, right? ($1.99)
CraigsPro+ is really amazing. Easy to use and includes a picture previewer. LOVE this one – the eBay app? Not so much. ($0.99)
What are your favorite apps?

  1. I am apt to tell you that I am such a newbie when it comes to apps. Thanks for sharing your favorites.

  2. I don't have an iphone so I am really no help, but I like that the code scan app is enough to make me get one!

  3. Anonymous

    They really mean it when they say "there's an app for that!" Who knew?

  4. I am going to have to get that red laser app. I love GroceryIQ which organizes your grocery list. You can scan the bar codes on items to add them to your list as well. You can also print coupons from your iphone. It's great.

  5. Trish

    I love this post! My iphone is my life, too! I feel so much more connected to my family when we can send photos, etc. Your kids might be a bit young for this, but our favorite new app is Geocache. It's sort of a global treasure hunt and the app helps you find hidden "caches" – now that the weather has improved we are going out and searching like crazy!

  6. Katy

    I love Shazam, although most people know about that one now. I love the Google app with the voice recognition, in case i need to find something while I'm in the car. The Amazon app is great for keeping up with your wishlist while on the go. Coupon Sherpa has dozens of coupons for stores I go to regularly. MobileRSS lets me view my Google reader while I'm standing in line somewhere. And Pano lets you take panoramic pictures with your iPhone camera. Fun!

  7. These are so cool! I don't have an iphone, but these apps totally make me want to get one today! Thanks so much for sharing these.

  8. ooh, these look like so much fun. I've been planning on getting an iphone and with all these fun apps it looks like it would be well worth it.

  9. Sigh – this reminds me that I need to get an iphone! None of the other smart phones are up to snuff in the apps department.

  10. the red laser one has me amazed.

    i dont have an iphone… my sister does though and she loves shazam.

  11. I love DropBox – it's virtual document & photo storage so you can access important documents from any computer (or your iPhone). And it's free up to 2 gigs! Pretty gnarly. :)

  12. I just got an iPhone last week so I'm way excited about all these!! One question, what blogger app do you use? I've been searching for an app so I can blog but I haven't found one that looks good yet. Which one do you use?

  13. I'm proud of myself when can successfully respond to a text message. So sad …

  14. I SO need to get on the 'app' train after reading this…thanks for posting! My first download is Shazam.

  15. Lil T

    This is a great, out-of-the-ordinary post. Thank you for sharing your If you haven't already, try WalkScore. I think you'll find it useful in the city. It calculates the "walkability" of your location and lists nearby amenities – like the closest markets, restaurants, post offices, museums, etc.

  16. My favs are the educational kids ones… Or toddler singalongs and kids bible stories… Stuck in line at the store- here kiddos sing the itsy bitsy sider! Another positive the patrons around me have a laugh at my two year old's gusto and 5 year old's vibrato!

  17. Love this post!! I am getting an iPhone for my b-day in a couple of months so this helps me to know what the must-have aps are!!! Thanks!

  18. Lauren

    hahah oh my gosh! i didn't even know thee things existed!!!
    how cool!

    Hope Easter was wonderful!

  19. Julie

    I love the kid games (you might make some use of them, too) especially to distract my baby when stuck in traffic or traveling… I also love the Redbox app to reserve a movie in an instant, and the Kate Spade organizer has a few adorable background pictures.

  20. LG

    LOve this post as there are a few I had not heard of! I review apps weekly on my blog http://www.igriza.com
    Some of my favorites are
    My lists
    bill tracker
    yellow pages
    Direct TV

  21. LG

    LOve this post as there are a few I had not heard of! I review apps weekly on my blog http://www.igriza.com
    Some of my favorites are
    My lists
    bill tracker
    yellow pages
    Direct TV

  22. i love mint! and pandora! and i'll have to check-out the craigslist pro.

    on the other hand, i rent, so I'm staying away from any apps that tempt me to paint my dingy white walls… i have a hard enough time not grabbing the paint brush as it is.

    Thanks for sharing – these are great.

  23. I live CraigsPro! Here are some of my favorite apps:

    -Slacker radio – I found that I like the stations and the interface of the app over Pandora
    – Feather – A daily fashion reporty based on the weather in your location
    – ShopStyle – A great way to look at clothing and housewares across multiple websites. For example, if I'm on the hunt for a brown handbag under $100, I can go to the handbags category, pick a style, and then refine my search by color and price.
    – WhatsApp – Free texting to other iPhones. This is great if the people you text most frequently have iPhones…you can go with the cheapest texting plan (or maybe not pay for one at all!) I've tried a few free text apps, but I like the interface of this one the best
    – PopSugar – A cute website with categories in home decor, kids, health, beauty, and celeb gossip. Fun to scroll through when waiting at the checkout counter.
    – CardStar – Enter all of the numbers for your rewards cards so you can get them out of your wallet. Hold up your iPhone for the clerk to scan!
    – Cellfire – Save coupons through your phone to your grocery store rewards card.

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