Fancy Foyers

Today I’m dreaming of living in a beautiful apartment with a formal entry papered in Gracie or de Gournay.

Timothy Wealon

Miles Redd

I think it would be fun to try and paint an oversized and stylized floral/vine pattern in the entry way/wall of our next place. I like a loose design, sort of like this pattern I spied on the walls at Forever 21 a while back.

Probably not yellow though. Maybe midnight blue? With a huge antique mirror.

Maybe I’ll buy a couple of floral design books in the meantime and sketch up some ideas…

Maybe something more like these colors:

de Gournay
  1. My next entry will be papered I love the way it looks!

  2. Jenny

    The second photo is to die for. I would love to do an entry way in that paper, but my husband refuses to allow pink into the house. Ugh! I'm working on him though…

    Jenny @ sundry.elements

  3. I've always loved that third entry by Celerie Kemble in HB! And I so wish I could afford de Gournay (or Gracie). I can't wait to see how your option turns out!

  4. I love this idea for a foyer or even for a powder room.

  5. Marija

    A great idea and I'm certain you could pull it off. I'd choose peacock blue as the background :)

  6. No way I would have the patience to paint anything! Hats off. Instead, I'm getting my split-level entry papered in the next month or so.

  7. I saw your tweet about the Hartford half-marathon…a friend of mine run's it every year because she says it's a great course and the best part is that they have GREAT foot at the end…apparently a culinary school whips up some great stuff for the end!

  8. Hi Jenny! I must say that you have a very understanding husband. My husband wouldn't be too keen on "floral" on our walls. I love the look though!

  9. Looooove the first picture! I love an entry that makes a big statement. Those are so fun!

  10. Abby

    My husband would never go for that pink foyer, but if it was up to ME? ALL OVER IT. Sigh.

  11. I love wallpaper!! These ideas are beautiful. Let us know what you decide. :) xoxo Blair

  12. hthr

    I saw that yellow and thought, "that looks like Forever XXI!" and then saw your text about it. I was in the store in Chicago and wanted to photograph the walls and did so with my phone and one of the employees was allllll kinds of upset about me taking the pic and said I couldn't! It was really funny to me to think I couldn't take a pic of the wall, but I'm glad you got away with it! My friend saw the whole confrontation go down and took one for me. It was a little diff than this. It was purple on white. Very cool. :)

  13. i came so close to buying de Gournay wallpaper, and then the reality of my budget hit me (even at wholesale it's expensive!).
    what a beautiful post.
    xox alison

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