At The Gap

These jeans have been making the blog rounds recently, but I just need to throw in my own “Amen” to the greatness that is the Always Skinny Mid-Rise Jean. I am so happy with how they are getting me through the ‘in between sizes/postpartum phase’.

Also, these are really comfortable (great support for flats) and the leather is nice for the price. Who can complain about a Repetto knock-off for less than $40? They do run large, so be sure to buy a full size down.

  1. Anonymous

    I have both of those! So funny!

    Those jeans fit amazingly and it's fun to wear red shoes!!

  2. Carrington

    Oh I wish the red were still available online! Maybe you sold them out this morning! :)

    Off to the mall to see if they have any in store! Thanks for the tip.

    xoxox– carri

  3. Time to revisit the gap? I gave up on them a couple years ago when I saw the cut of their jeans looked ridiculous on me (Skinny leg, mega flair bottom…what, am I 12, no!)


  4. Those are GREAT skinny jeans. I also was shocked to discover the jeggings (jeans+leggins)and I was even more shocked to discover that they can be really flattering & comfortable! I actually like mine better than my normal skinny jeans! It must be something about the stretch :)

  5. Nikki

    I need to check out those jeans! Thanks for the tip.

  6. Jessica D.

    AMEN to those jeans too! I'm also post partum and they make me feel cute again! :)

  7. Agreed. These jeans are AMAZING! I was so surprised by the quality and the fit. And they're just so comfortable!

  8. i always forget to check there for wardrobe essentials! those jeans look like they fit great and i love the color of those flats. thanks for sharing!

  9. I LOVE my gap skinnies!!! I recommend buying a size smaller {Don't worry if you feel like a sausage at first….I promise they stretch out}

  10. I went to the Gap today and got these jeans. Fit amazingly. Thanks for your post!

  11. does anyone know how much these jeans stretch? does it get "thinner" when it stretches? (I've had run-ins with many cases of elephant-rump syndrome)

  12. AMEN SISTER! I am L.O.V.I.N.G. my gap jeans latley. (and I am a total jean snob). The fit and the price are un-beatable. And have to say… loving that they aren't made for giant long legged models either, perfectly normal length so no alts needed.

  13. Summer

    I have the 1969 ultimate skinny and am wearing them for the same reason–in between baby size. Our 3rd little blessing arrived December 9th.

    Great pair of jeans for a great price.

  14. abbi

    Make sure you get the MID RISE skinny jeans…gap also has regular skinny ones and they aren't the same. I love these jeans, all other skinny jeans look terrible on me!

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