Victoria Hagan Lamps

These lamps stopped me in my tracks today at Target and I wish my phone pictures did their beauty justice. A little modern. A bit trad. Sort of glam. Just perfect.

They are available only in stores through the Victoria Hagan line for $49.99 each. They seriously look 10x that expensive in real life.

I think a pair would be especially gorgeous in a small master bedroom. Sparkly-sophisticated.

  1. I've been looking online for some lamps for my sister's dining room console, and coming up with na-da – THIS is what we're looking for! I told her to skip on over to Tar-jay muito pronto!!
    Thanks for the hot tip!

  2. wow! what a great find….i totally agree with the mix of traditional in the brass and the flair in the glass…

    thanks for the find! :)

  3. And, of course you'd add a cute touch like grosgrain ribbon around those lampshades!

  4. Emily

    I just saw these recently but only 1 was left and I wanted two! They are so great!

  5. Those are great! There's not much in Victoria Hagan's Target line I don't like.

  6. Sigh – I miss Target. They seriously need to open them up in Canada!

  7. I think Target should sponsor you.
    You give them a ton of good pr.

  8. Rachel

    I also so these and fell in love! Target has some great classy Christmas items right now too!

  9. I am looking for some great lamps. If only they were a little bigger.

  10. Thank you for posting these! I need about 10 lamps for my new (very old!) house and I'm going to check these out!

  11. Katie

    Looove those! And target!

  12. Those lamps are beautiful. I love that Target is offering such amazing design at equally amazing prices.

  13. KO

    Lovely lamps. Since I discovered Target just a year ago, I've continued to be surprised by the good designs that can be found there.

    I also greatly appreciate the Target company's decision to eschew focus group approved music projected through a storewide loudspeaker system. It's their policy.

    So if you find shopping at Target a less unpleasant experience than other big box stores provide, the quieter atmosphere might be why.

    You can read more about it here:

    Plug for Target: A store that understands the quiet

  14. I've seen these in person, too, and they really are impressive in real life! Too bad I have no where to put them right now. :(

  15. So simple and elegant…
    great find indeed…

  16. Yummy! What gorgeous lamps.

  17. OMG I love these lamps!! I have already called my aunt in Virginia and asked her to purchase them for me and bring them home at Christmas. :) Thanks for the lead!

  18. Lisa

    super dreamy!

  19. Beth

    I saw a lot of nice lamps in Target as I was browsing the other day. Love them!

  20. Danielle

    I have this lamp and love it too! It's very well made andc weighs about 20 lbs. Even the hubby thinks it's cool.

  21. These stopped me dead too! I was like "whoa! Wait just a minute here!" they have a great weight to them as well. Definately doesn't feel like A $50 lamp….

  22. pamela

    I love this little lamp and I found one of clearance at Target in spring of last year for $29.99. The shade is a little cheesy but I replaced it with a similar shaped silk one and it looks like a million bucks!

  23. Kat

    Love it! I am actually looking for a lamp just like this for my bookshelf.. score! My store didn't have it, so I am calling around. Thank you! Kat

  24. Carey

    Any idea how tall the lamps were?

  25. I bought these lamps early this – for half off! Apparently they were such a hit, they brought them back. They are gorgeous and look way more expensive than they really are.

  26. Barbie

    My Target doesn't carry the Victoria Hagan line anymore…blast! Why are they messing around like that?

  27. Anonymous


    The lamps are 16". I got two today!!! They are gorgeous and my sweet husband drove an hour away to get them for me. The are SO heavy.


  28. Kyla

    I love these! I just returned from my local Target and they no longer carry the Victoria Hagan line. I can't find these online either. Does anyone know what they're called or have a sku so I can see if they're carried anywhere in the state?

  29. Anonymous

    These lamps are now on clearance at target for $25.

  30. Jenna

    My mom and I both loved these and she gave me a pair for Christmas! Hurray! Thanks for posting this gorgeous things!

  31. I found you post while trying to research whether Target had phased out the Victoria Hagan line or not. I love these lamps too – and her line in general – but the selection on store shelves has been dwindling down to nothing, and currently there's only one Hagan item (an end table) listed on Target's website. Boo hoo!

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