1. funny, the title of my post is "oomph" today.
    Guess great minds think alike and in color! :)
    cute tables.

  2. Dayka

    I haven't seen that table @ Target! I love it!

  3. Now you've got me thinking on how I can DIY that cute little Target table! I adore the Carnation design! Must have for guest room!

  4. Susan

    totally agree! Gawd I love your blog. Seriously.

  5. Well aren't you clover…I mean clever! I know very bad, but what a cute table from Target you've found. Love your blog and your style!

  6. Dina

    I just love anything quatrefoil!

  7. carlee

    I love that table from Oomph. Gorgeous.

  8. Anonymous

    I also love that carnation table. I know it would be in perfect condition if I were to buy it new, but what do you all think about painting it? Or perhaps painting just the top and not the legs? Or painting it all except for the pull-out part of the drawer? Is it insane to paint over perfectly good wood?

  9. Colors are amazing!
    I understand why those 2 tables are named "clover tables" but can I ask why is the last one named "carnation table"? It's because of color or?
    Thank someone for answer.

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