Rain, Rain, Go Away…

…So I can take pictures of my finished dining room!

Here’s a sneak peek.

I totally have a thing for inlaid furniture, mirrors and boxes. I snatched this one up last week at TJ Maxx for $14.99.

  1. Jen B.

    Oh Yeah, baby!! Can't WAIT for the pictures!!

  2. Rachel

    Can't wait to see how it turned out! I'm sure it'll be gorgeous and full of creative ideas and inspriation – as always!

  3. LOVE that box! i feel the same way about my rain… i need to get photos of my whole house!!

  4. is that the croc print contact paper you've mentioned in previous posts on that table/shelf?? It looks super cute!

  5. Maria

    Just the snippet of it, looks fantastic, can't wait!

  6. Love it already. I have some orange croc paper that I'm using on a little project coming up as well. I can't wait to share and show you what I'm doing it!

  7. looks great already! can't wait to see the photos.

  8. sherry

    I saw that box at TJ maxx week about a week ago and immediately thought of you!

  9. Love that box. That's a great buy!

  10. Kay*

    i picked up a small inlaid box at a local market when i was in egypt almost 3 years ago. it's beautiful – and i was fortunate to see how it was crafted by the merchant in his tiny stall. every time i look at it i kick myself for not buying a much larger one….

  11. oh my WORD! I love that box!! AMAZING!!!! Going to TJMAXX asap!

  12. Jesse

    I love that box! We have had tons of rain here too. I need sun therapy.

  13. One tiny photo and I'm already drooling! Sheesh, you make the rest of us look like total slouches! :) Thanks for always being so inspiring!

  14. Em

    You and your teasers…
    You're KILLING ME.
    Now I'M going to be chanting for the rain to leave so you can take photos!

  15. Oh my, I'm loving it already!! Cannot wait! Thanks, Jen!

  16. I almost forgot about that rain, now that TJMaxx is calling me to find a box like that….

  17. Lisa

    Look forward to seeing the pictures of the dining room!

    I feel like all of this rain will never end.

  18. Anonymous

    Oooh lala! I'm already lovin' the blue trim on the lamp shades!

    Yuppie Decor

  19. Rachel

    I want to see more!

  20. Joseph

    I cannot wait!!!!

  21. Hey Jenny! My cousin Katie Creer is also your cousin I believe and she introduced me to your blog a while back. I've been following ever since. You have great style and it is fun to get inspiration from fellow decorators!

  22. HMB

    OOOOOMMMMGGGG!!!! soooo excited!! i cant wait! I have the same inlaid box from TJ Maxx too!

  23. Donna

    I love that box!

  24. your home is beautiful! I love the mirror! we are renting an apartment and can't paint the walls either- you have given me great inspiration! Thanks for your wonderful blog!

  25. Love the dining room! Went to TJMaxx and bought one of those boxes today. They had 4 and it took a lot of self control not to buy more. I really enjoy your blog! You have so much talent.

  26. Your redo looks so great – I love your sunburst mirror!

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