1. Reminds me of fall :) Also reminds me of something that would have been found in Home Fabrics! I love that store :)

  2. Beautiful colors… love the pattern.
    And you just gave me flashbacks of being dragged into countless fabric stores by my mom as a kid! Hated them then, LOVE them now. I guess Mom was on to something!

  3. ohh i have this for my dining room drapes and pillows in my living room. it is such a great starter fabric for a perfect color palate.

  4. I love that fabric! You have such classy taste!!! Do you find a lot of your fabrics in-store or online? Do you recommend any online shops?

  5. Em

    wow. you're inspired! we literally just finished setting up our new living room and those are the exact colors and next on our list is to find fabric for pillows and fun stuff like that. thanks for the help :)

  6. love these! at least you were wrestling in a soft place ;)

    your header always makes me happy, too!

  7. Love that fabric. Who makes it and where? Looking forward to see what you do with it and the color scheme.

  8. I know ALL about Lutron! I designed bedding for Neiman Marcus and Horchow based on this fabric over 2 years ago. It sold in their catalog and on the web for awhile. Wow how this brings back memories!

  9. Beautiful fabric!
    Congrats on the Kreativ Blogger Award!

    You are most deserving, since I follow your blog I am in awe of your can-do attitude and genius solutions for the common blah…

  10. I love this too! used it with a lighter background on a low armchair I found at an antique market. Did you know that Pottery Barn has picked up on it too and claims it's their own?!? Calling is "Simone" or some such business

  11. You got me at the "wrestling kids" part, well and with that eye stopping, heart stopping fabric. Did you know that I have an addiction to textiles, never enough. It is genetic.

  12. I love Kravet and I LOVE that fabric! Gorge color way! Wish I had a spot to use about 1/4 yard of it!

  13. hqm

    Pretty! I have been trying to get to the fabric store alone or even better 4th Street in Philadelphia..for a little inspiration!

  14. Jen

    HOW GORGEOUS!! do you know about how much per yard that runs?

  15. yay – I just made some throw pillows with this fabric. If anyone is near Richmond VA, I picked it up at the Interior Outlet (by Williams and Sherrill in the Southside) for $15/yd.

  16. paula

    my son always tries to turn around as soon as he figures out we are heading to the fabric store. love the fabric you found.

  17. Rachel

    So inspiring!

    I am a long-time reader and I am presenting you with an Honest Scrap award. Please visit my blog tomorrow for more information! :)



  18. Anonymous

    Jennifer, thanks so much for the tip about the interior outlet! I was just googling to figure out where I could buy it.

    Jess in Richmond, Va.

  19. I used to live in VA and my mom and I found it at Printer's Alley on Broad St in Richmond too…

  20. Sarah

    Love it! Love all the colors in it.

  21. I love this fabric too! Have it as pillows on a clients sofa- it was the start of a room design- that first sample of fabric! Great choice!


  22. Annie

    My first job as a teenager was at a fabric store … there's a lot I could say about that, but since I have 5 babies of my own and still adore textile shops, I think I'll keep my fat mouth shut! Gorgeous colors, amazing detail ~ love the black tracing outside the lines!

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