1. i have always adored that first pic..i love everything the designer did w/ that house…and it makes me miss cottage living.

  2. I'm addicted to blue and white pottery! Thanks for the eye candy:)

  3. Great post! I just love what they did in the first pic. What a great idea for a closet.

    Best wishes,

  4. I hope you have a cute little nook to put the new baby in:-)

    P.S. I wrote a letter to you on my blog.

  5. Those highchairs are really great… they are actually somewhat attractive AND functional looking. Usually it's either/or.

  6. Ashley

    What issue of Cottage Living was that baby nook picture in? I have every issue but one and I don't ever remember seeing it.

    Thanks- Ashley

  7. Barbie

    Oooo, yes, I am in love with that first photo. makes me think your pelmet box idea with foam core might work for the architectural detail framing the top of the closet(??). I have a bunch of basement closets with doors that don't fit correctly. Maybe I could take out the doors, use them for a diy headboard, and do something like this?? The only problem is the closet interior has to look great constantly which sounds great, but impractical for me…

  8. Sarah

    Adorable. I wish these were pics from my house.

  9. Jenny

    Ashley – All I remember is the family's name was Colgan. Their entire house was TO. DIE. FOR!!!!

  10. Gorgeous pics! Very creative and inspiring :)

  11. I love both images and babies, nooks and crannies are all wonderful!

  12. This is so adorable, I love the first picture!

  13. Anna

    What a brilliant use of closet space! Fantastic.

  14. Viera

    Thanks for the mention.

  15. b.a.

    argh! nevermind.

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