Z Gallerie Aluminum Table (and Accessories Sale)

For those you bummed about missing out on the aluminum side tables I blogged about before, Z Gallerie has them for $99. If you buy them now with the promotion code M20, you’ll get an extra 20% off.

What else am I loving that’s on sale now at Z Gall?

Palmer Stool ($129.95 pre-sale price)

Ceramic Pineapple ($29.95 pre-sale). I scored mine at Home Goods, but lots of readers have asked about it and said they struck out at their local HG. So here you go!

I know it’s trendy, but I still think clam shells are cool. ($49.95 pre-sale for the large, $99.95 for the X-large)

I’ve used these mother of pearl frames (from $19.95-$29.95 pre-sale) in a couple of projects they are so pretty in real life.

Studded Umbrella Stand ($79.95 pre-sale). I’m dying over the orange!

  1. Loving that garden stool! Thanks for the code!

  2. Anonymous

    Hooray! I've been so sad about missing out on the Pier1 side tables!


  3. I love all of the products you show here. I can always count on your blog for something interesting and fresh!

  4. I saw the same ceramic pineapples at Marshall's for $12. I love the idea of using them for bookends. I'll have to go back today and pick up a pair…hopefully they still have them.

  5. Thanks for the great tips. The aluminum table rocks.

  6. Love the aluminum table, but it's only 21" tall. How would you incorporate into a room without it be overpowered by furniture?

  7. I love those stools! I wish they were cheaper…I also love that table.

  8. Thanks for the tip! I am so enjoying your blog…you are very creative and talented!

  9. Jen

    i love those umbrella stands too. i wonder if that could become a diy?

  10. That orange umbrella stand would look delicious in my front entry…

  11. love the pineapples too!

  12. Marcie

    I found 3 pineapples today (10/05/09)at my HomeGoods at $12.99 each. I'd be willing to buy and ship for someone if they want to reimburse me! my email is marcieraney@yahoo.com if anyone is interested.

  13. Erfs

    If anyone lives near a Gabriel Brothers, I found an aluminum pedestal table at the Harrisburg, PA store for $39.99. There is still one left!

  14. where can i find your monogrammed umbrella stand? i am swooning!

  15. sad

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