Paint By Numbers Software

Looking for a painting in a particular colorway? That’s just the right size for the wall you have in mind? Me too.

I’m thinking about trying this project from BHG.

I guess there are software packages available that can turn any image into the paint-by-numbers format. Here is the one BHG recommends ($24). Using transfer paper, you copy the format onto a canvas (any size) and start painting! Cool, right?

I love oil painting the old fashion way, but it seems like this would make the layout process go so much smoother. Plus, I stink at petals and this might help me practice a bit. I doubt that I’d follow the outline and color codes exactly, but it would be a good place to start and then make the painting my own.

Here are some images I had lying around that I think would make beautiful paintings:

  1. Really cool idea. I did this on a small scale (using Illustrator) for a party activity. It totally fun for those that lack the ability to paint like me :)

  2. I love the idea. The pic with the white flowers and mismatched bottles would be perfect

  3. Sounds like a really cool idea! I can't wait to see what you come up with!

  4. Toria

    love this idea Jen and I'm still loving your blog! So proud of you (and envious). Congrats on girl #3. (and I'm also giggling about your first comment above- maybe he's my neighbor :))

  5. That is seriously cool! I would love to do that! Thanks for the info:)

  6. all those flower pics are absolutely gorgeous!!

  7. carlee

    Wow, what beautiful photos! Love the mercury vase 5 photos down with the pink roses!

  8. Nicole

    Congrats on girl #3! We match now! I have directions somewhere on how to do this with photoshop – I think it came from making custom coloring pages for a birthday party…oh the projects I might get to do some day! And the ranunculus are my favorite!

  9. Anonymous

    I love the images you chose…I wonder, would it work to just trace an image and then use some kind of projector to project the image onto the canvas? Just an idea.

  10. This is a great idea! One of the techniques they teach in art school is "gridding out" an image for increased accuracy in paintings. It helped me tremendously and I suck at drawing. What a way to wow your friends, perfect! Glad you're back, Jenny!

  11. Renee

    Okay, so I'm going to offer a tip that will probably singlehandedly offend EVERYONE IN THE ART WORLD, but I had an ex-boyfriend who used to take a picture to kinko's, blow it up, glue it to a canvas, and then paint over it by color matching. No special software required. The trick is to lay the paint on THICK.

    It's terrible, I know.

  12. What a fun idea! Sometimes the hard part of being creative is just getting started, and this seems like a great way to jumpstart your creative juices.

  13. Oh, I love #1 & #4. Can't wait to see what you do!

    There's a place here in Birmingham that does something similar called Sips in Strokes- although I don't think it's by number. It probably should be for some ppl! But maybe that's why they include the 'sips'. Maybe a cocktail brings out some talent!!

  14. The hardest part is just to get started. Everything will flow from that point on! Simple, but true!

  15. Jenny

    However did you stumble on such a great idea?! :)

  16. I love this! However, I do need find a program for Mac. The BH&G recommendation is for Windows only. :(
    Can anyone recommend one?

  17. I love these! i was just scrolling through your blog until i saw a picture on this post and i thought "wow i should paint that" and then i read what you wrote at the top about wanting to paint them… haha. did you take these pictures? would you mind if i used one to paint?

    :) hope your having a great day!

  18. Anonymous

    Jenny! I just found your blog and I love it! I like so much your taste. The way you combine the elements in a place is so beautiful. In one of your pics I see a beautifull,incredible wallpaper!! I started to redecorated my living room and that wallpaper goes perfectly with the rest of the colours!! Please Please Can you tell me from what website is that pic or where can I find that old orange with white roses wallpaper??? I will be so glad if you give me some information.Thanks a lot in advance! Have a nice weekend! Sonia

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